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Hello just2good here. :)
Gender: Male
Type: Lego YouTuber
Date Joined: December 18, 2011
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 446K

Justin (birthday: December 29), better known online as just2good, is an American YouTuber best known for his coverage of various LEGO products. He publishes reviews, lists, recent hauls, and news all focused on the popular toy product. Thanks to his focus on LEGO, his channel has grown significantly over the years.

Why He's Just2Amazing

  1. He is very creative and has some actual good humor.
  2. His Top 10 best/worst videos have valid reasons on why something's good or bad.
  3. He makes commentaries on some of his own videos after he finds a little mistake in them.
  4. His voice and speaking has a tone that makes him interested and makes his videos interesting.
  5. He tells some Lego YouTubers to improve their channels as well as warned them to not show uncensored footage of the new Star Wars set since it caused The Brick Show to get terminated.
  6. He gives people he uses stuff from credit for his Top 10's.
  7. His reviews tell kids if they want to get the Lego set or not.
  8. He is good at handling criticism.
  9. His blind bag series is pretty creative since Lego never thought of that.
  10. He has some good running gags like him bashing on the 2016 LEGO Death Star set.
  11. His j2gOSRS series is a nice take on LWIAY.

Bad Qualities

  1. He sometimes takes Twitch from Toy Story too seriously as of the fact Twitch is his avatar.
  2. He revealed his face in a video and claimed it's not a face reveal and hid his face with a bug mask.
  3. The just2good Music Archive channel can be boring sometimes.
  4. His hatred for the 2017 Hulk vs. Red Hulk Lego set is a little too extreme despite the fact that he liked the figures.
  5. He can be harsh on some Lego sets.




13 months ago
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His current videos aren't really kid-friendly as he's started to use swears in his videos.

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