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SMG4 icon.jpg
"Goddamnit, Mario!"
Gender: Male
Type: Super Mario Animator
Date Joined: February 14, 2009[1]
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 6.49M

SMG4 is a Thai-Australian Super Mario 64/Garry's Mod/SFM YouTuber who makes animations. He has over 6 million subscribers, making him one of the most popular animators on YouTube. He is the founder and the CEO of Glitch Productions. He is best known for his self-titled web series.

Why He's No Mamaf*cker

SMG4 Himself

  1. Unlike SML, he's shown to genuinely care for his fans, as shown in episodes such as the 2020 fan-written episode and the aforementioned 10 Year Anniversary special.
  2. He is shown to be able to take criticism. In a 2015 video that criticized his videos, SMG4 took the criticism well in the comments, even going as far as telling his fans that it is just the creators' opinions and that they should all just respect one another's opinions.[2]

The Series

  1. The animation can be so weird and awkward, it's funny, but also good.
  2. Instead of Mario being his normal happy-go-lucky self, SMG4 instead makes him a comic relief character.
  3. The series mocks off on today's trends:
    1. In the 2018 episode "Mario Battle Royale," Master Hand says it was just made to "follow trends" such as Fortnite.
    2. In the episode "The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe," he made fun of the infamous meme Hit or Miss from TikTok.
    3. In the 2020 episode, "Mario Is Cancelled," he satirises cancel culture and Twitter in a very unpredictable manner. Mario is cancelled and everyone views him the wrong way.
    4. In addition to mocking current trends in his videos, some videos even have Mario travelling into different video games and content; the "If Mario Was In..." series are very entertaining and funny. However, that depends on your view.
  4. Likable characters, old and new. Such as:
    • Mario
    • Bob Bobowski
    • Fishy Boopkins
    • Chris and Swagmaster696969696969 (even though their series got pushed aside and had their appearances lessened by 2017, they would eventually get their titles as main characters back in 2019)
    • Steve
    • Toast Shy Guy
    • Old Man Hobo
    • Toadsworth
    • The Teletubbies
    • SMG3 (same situation as the Guards)
    • FightingMario54321
    • Nintendofan997 (also known as X)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Dr. Robotnik
    • Luigi
    • Yoshi
    • Toad
    • Bowser
    • Princess Peach (despite her flanderization, especially after late 2019, and it becoming worse in late 2020) (depending on your view)
    • Ben
    • Wario
    • Waluigi
    • Crazy Raisin Lady
    • The "What the fuck is a sonic?" chain chomp
    • Lakitu
    • Roprinplup14 (despite being flanderized into an insane psychopath and no longer appearing)
    • Weegee
    • Frankie
    • Professor E. Gadd
      • Despite their repetitive overuses of appearances and shoehorning (especially in 2022 so far), the OC characters can be likable too so as:
    • Meggy (depending on your view)
    • Shroomy
    • Saiko (depending on your view)
    • Jeeves (despite being mostly a background character nowadays)
    • Tari (depending on your view)
    • Axol (despite being killed off in WOTFI 2021)
    • Mr. Monitor (despite making some controversy in "Officer Meggy")
    • Desti (despite being killed off in World War Mario)
    • Melony (pre-Genesis) (depending on your view)
        • SMG4 also inserts himself as one of the main characters in the series, who is an accurate and faithful fictional representation of Luke Lerdwichagul himself.
  5. In addition to being a comedic series that has funny episodes, its episodes have also proven to have a good sense of writing and plot creativity, epecially in the later himself.
    • SMG4 cites a YouTuber named MarioMario54321 as his inspiration, who is known for making storybased series with his SM64 videos (e.g. OiramOiram54321 and the Dark Star X), which does show in his videos.
  6. While it is mainly a comedy, it also has several good drama scenes, especially in the anime arc (depending on your view)
  7. One of his videos, "Mario Simulator Interactive," was very ambitious and creative as viewers could interact with the video ala "choose your own adventure" style.
  8. His videos have subtitles and if you turn them on, there are funny jokes mocking subtitles.
  9. Lots of funny sound effects are used in his videos.
  10. Over the years, he has made hundreds of videos that are mostly good, such as:
    1. "The Cake Is a lie!"
    2. "Quest for a Console"
    3. "Enter X"
    4. "The Crazy Fighters"
    5. "SMG4 vs SMG3"
    6. "Account Loss"
    7. "The Forgotten Door"
    8. "Crystal Funhouse"
    9. "Bowser and the Nightmare Stone"
    10. "The Visitor" (2011, and the 2014 video of the same name)
    11. "War of the Fat Italians 2014"
    12. "The Mystery of Missing White and Blue"
    13. "The Lost Gems (Part 1-3)"
    14. "The Monster"
    15. "The Blooper Competition"
    16. "Sup' Bro?"
    17. "WEEGEE Disease"
    18. "Hotel Mario"
    19. "Two Evil Friends"
    20. "Two Great Friends"
    21. "%99% beroken"
    22. "How Mario Was Born"
    23. "Meggy Learns Japanese" (depending on your view)
    24. "The Pink Problem"
    25. "World of Craftmine"
    26. "Orbical Adventures"
    27. "SMG3's plan to destroy SMG4 cause he feels like it"
    28. "Party Rock Prisoners"
    29. "Desert Head"
    30. "Mario Goes Shopping"
    31. "Idiot Karts 101"
    32. "Birthday Freakout"
    33. "Scatman's Revenge"
    34. "Bad Star's Back!"
    35. "Smexy Soccer"
    36. "Boil the Big Bully"
    37. "Super Hello Kitty RollerCoaster Tea Party 2!!!"
    38. "Long Jump"
    39. "Hunt for Hero's Clothes"
    40. "Mushroom Wars: That space series?"
    41. "Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island"
    42. "My best friend Slenderman"
    43. "S.M.G. Club"
    44. "Bad Stars"
    45. "Mario for hire"
    46. "Christmas 2015 - Christmas Crazies"
    47. "Can the Villager come out to play?"
    48. "If Mario was in... GTA V"
    49. "0% of Spaghetti" (despite the infamous racist joke)
    50. "Spaghetti Law"
    51. "99,5% Crazy"
    52. "101 Ways for Mario to Die (In the Right Way!)"
    53. "DerpTV: Super Happy Fun Fun Game Show!"
    54. "Freddy's Spaghettiria"
    55. "Sob Story: Tale of a Bob-Omb"
    56. "Who Let the Chomp Out?" (along with its sequel)
    57. "Snowtrapped"
    58. "Mario Simulator"
    59. "Join the Evil Side"
    60. "Plumber Academy for Idiots"
    61. "Spaghetti.EXE (2016 Halloween Special)"
    62. "Halloween 2015 - The 2Spooky Story"
    63. "Swagquest"
    64. "Mario and the retarded Spaghetti factory"
    65. "Meet the Mario"
    66. "Spells n' Wiztards"
    67. "2014 HalloWeegee Special"
    68. "Legend of Steve"
    69. "Little Penguin Lost" (depending on your view)
    70. "If Mario was in... The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"
    71. "Meet the Luigi"
    72. "Luigi Labyrinth"
    73. "Casino, Cards, and Chaos"
    74. "The Battletoads Justice Crew"
    75. "Boo Busters"
    76. "The Pirate Plumbers"
    77. "SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity (Part 1 and 2)"
    78. "Meet the Bowser"
    79. "Shy Guy Showdown"
    80. "DerpTV: Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent"
    81. "Stupid Mario Maker"
    82. "Shoot to the Observatory in the sky"
    83. "Easter 2016: The Explosive Easter Hunt"
    84. "The Bootleg Dimension"
    85. "Welcome to the Kushroom Mingdom"
    86. "Stupid Mario Kart"
    87. "Stupid Mario Golf"
    88. "Marioception" (depending on your view)
    89. "Mario's Road Trip"
    90. "Mario's Boat Trip"
    91. "Mario's Train Trip"
    92. "Mario Goes to DIDNEY WORL"
    93. "Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers"
    94. "The Grand Mario Hotel"
    95. "If Mario was in... Splatoon"(depending on your view)
    96. "Mariotube (& Mariotube 2)"
    97. "Mario VS Sonic: PRANK BATTLE"
    98. "The Mario Channel: MarioBusters"
    99. "The Mario Channel: Mario's Challenge"
    100. "Cooking with Mario and Bowser!"
    101. "High School Mario"
    102. "Mario the Ultimate Gamer"(depending on your view)
    103. "Mario Preschool"
    104. "The Mario Mafia"
    105. "Final Fantasy Mario"
    106. "Mario waits for pizza"
    107. "Mario University"
    108. "Mario School Club"
    109. "The WEEGEE Uprising"
    110. "If Mario was in... Baldi's Basics"
    111. "The Japan Trip"(depending on your view)
    112. "Mario and the Anime Challenge"
    113. "Mario's Lemonade Stand"
    114. "The E G G" (depending on your view)
    115. "Waluigi's Time"
    116. "Mario in Real Life!? (200 vid special)"
    117. "Princess Capturing Simulator"
    118. "The Super Dudes"
    119. "Cooking with Mario and Bowser World Tour"
    120. "War of the Fat Italians 2018"("ended the Waluigi Arc on a high note")
    121. "World War Mario" (depending on your view)
    122. "War Of the Fat Italians 2020" ("ended the YouTube Arc on an extremely high note")
    123. "Little Penguin Lost"
    124. "There's Something Wrong With Meggy" (depending on your view)
    125. "Mario VS YouTubers"
    126. "Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery"
    127. "New Year, New Mario" (depending on your view)
    128. "Mario Waits For The Bus"
    129. "Christmas Special 2021"(depending on your view)
    130. "THE 5,000,000 SUB SPECIAL"
    131. "What If..."
    132. "She's Back" (depending on your view)
    133. "The Pursuit of Happiness" (depending on your view)
    134. "The Final Piece"
    135. "The Wacky Wario Bros: Waluigi Origins"
    136. "Mario's Mask of Madness" (depending on your view)
    137. "Meggy's Part-Time Job" (depending on your view)
    138. "If Mario Was AMONG US..."
    139. "Perfectly Balanced"
    140. "Mario's Spicy Day"
    141. "Into the Dark Web"
    142. "Food Wars"(depending on your view)
    143. "Mario's Internet Safety"
    144. "If Mario Was in... SQUID GAME"
    145. "Officer Meggy" (despite ageing horribly for its time,depending on your view)
    146. "The Totally Legit Learning Show With SMG4"
    147. "Mario Battle Royale"
    148. "Wild, Wild Mario"
    149. "Mario's Bus Trip" (depending on your view)
    150. "Uncanny Mr. Mario"
    151. "Mario Screws In A Lightbulb"
    152. "Absolute Betrayal" (depending on your view)
    153. "If Mario Was In... Nickelodeon"
    154. "Final Hours" (depending on your view)
    155. "The Meme Games 2022" (which patched up Saiko's mini-arc on Kaizo on a very high note)
    156. "If Mario Was In... Splatoon 3"(depending on your view)
    157. "Breaking Luigi"
    158. "Goodbye, SMG4"(depending on your view)
    159. "If Mario Was In... Simulator Games"
    160. "Don't Hug Me I'm Mario"
    161. "Video Ends When Everyone Stops Watching"
    162. "Mario Goes To T-Mobile To Upgrade His Data Plan"
    163. "We Don't Talk About Luigi" (despite the bad ending)
  11. The Retarded64 series was hilariously funny as it was meant to be stupid for all the correct reasons.
  12. He's always called one of the best SM64 animators on YouTube, his bloopers were funny and his animation skills were also top-notch.
  13. His former side channel, TheAwesomeMario was also good, despite no longer making any more videos by New Year's Eve due to unknown reasons.
  14. His gaming and memes-reviewing channel, Hobo Bros, was also entertaining, even though it's no longer active as of the present.
  15. Great voice acting in his crossover with merging live-action and SM64 together.
  16. War of the Fat Italians in particular is a staple series of SMG4's channel. The earlier WOTFI episodes served as the Food Battle of SMG4. After a while, they put a different twist to the formula and let the audience decide what challenges the pair are up against.
    • In WOTFI 2018 and WOTFI 2020 and WOTFI 2021 and WOTFI 2022, SMG4 also put a brand new twist to the series to where the battle is up against an arc villain giving the challenge, instead of Mario vs. SMG4 however this has been tiring.
  17. The Waluigi Arc was fantastic for a number of reasons:
    1. It's the first time that SMG4 portraits Waluigi as an actual villain, and not as a comic relief character. Mainly because of the fact Waluigi is going to remain an Assist Trophy character instead of an actual playable character like his brother Wario.
    2. During this arc, Mario cared about Luigi. The same can be applied for Wario caring about Waluigi, as he was his own partner for his own scams.
    3. The introduction of Tari, a female cyborg, and an original character who portrayed as the likable coward everyone can relate to (depending on your view)
    4. The T-Pose Zombies concept, a mix between a zombie and the T-Pose combined to a really funny joke that is a very well handled plot device.
    5. "The War of the Fat Italians 2018" is the end of the arc. It's also the first time that Mario and SMG4 didn't actually want to fight each other.
  18. Because of how much everyone praised the Waluigi arc (some calling it the only good arc), there were more arcs that were also as good:
    1. The Waluigi Arc (considered the best arc by many)
    2. The Rapper Bob Arc (depending on your view)
    3. The YouTube Arc (depending on your view)
    4. The Anime Arc (depending on your view)
    5. The Lawsuit Arc (depending on your view)
  19. Made many awesome spin-offs like Sonic the DERPhog, Guards 'n Retards, Ssenmodnar, and a whole lot more.
  20. His original song Darkest Hour was top notch.
  21. Luke and Kevin (both brother and writer) also balanced out a lot of comedy and drama in their recent videos. Even to this day, they always captured the effort they put into their work.
  22. The later seasons of his videos have very good continuity, making them feel more connected to each other as its own series.
  23. His first original movie, “Meggy's Destiny”, was one of his most ambitious projects yet, as it wrapped up Meggy’s character arc as a whole; it was a fantastic conclusion to Meggy’s ongoing dream to win Splatfest.
  24. Depending on your views, SMG4 also has made good spinoff series for certain original characters, such as Meta Runner (Tari), Sunset Paradise (Meggy), and non spin-off series that were made by Liam Vickers, who created Cliffside and Murder Drones. Most of these are now located on his Glitch Productions channel.
  25. The recent 10 Year Anniversary video (his second movie) is really good for its amount of humor, heart, action, and continuity that paid full respects to the day his first video on YouTube was uploaded back on May 8, 2011.
  26. "Mama Fucker!"

"Mamaf*cker!" Qualities

  1. Some bad webisodes such as:
    1. "The SMG4 Weight Losers"
    2. "Brother Battles"
    3. "The Warrior and the Hobo"
    4. "SMG4 Joins the YTR"
    5. "Starman3 Gets 5,000 Subs!"
    6. "A Lost Luigi"
    7. "The Toad, The Fat, and the Ugly" (depending on your view)
    8. "Son of a Bowser" (depending on your view)
    9. "Tubbie TV" (depending on your view)
    10. "Problematic Pipe Problems" (depending on your view)
    11. "The Idea Block" (which started 2015 on a sour note)
    12. "Mario Joins the Circus"(considered the worst 2013-2017 video)
    13. "Doki Doki Mario Club"
    14. "Meggy's Bootcamp" (depending on your view)
    15. "Boys vs Girls" (by far the worst episode)
    16. "Mario Runs Out of Toilet Paper"
    17. "Mario the Supreme Leader"
    18. "Mario is Cancelled" (for having too many vibes to the infamous “Mario Joins the Circus”)
    19. "War of the Simps" (depending on your view)
    20. "Christmas Special 2020" (depending on your view)
    21. "The Resurrection" (depending on your view, seen by many fans at its time to be a gigantic ratings trap)
    22. "The Melony Felony"
    23. "Mario has a BBQ but he’s not invited"
    24. "Mario Suffers Infinite Detention" (depending on your view)
    25. "Mario Gets into NFTs" (but, to that episode's credit, it is a satire on the subject of NFTs)
    26. "DO NOT ENTER" (started Saiko's mini arc on a sour note)
    27. "Mario meets a demon and is shortly beheaded"
    28. "If Mario Was The Last Man On Earth" (also considered one of the worst)
    29. "POV: You're Mario"
    30. "How To Train Your Mario"
    31. "All I Want For Christmas Is Mario To FREAKIN BEHAVE" (depending on your view)
  2. While this is not a bad thing, but often times the new characters have been in the spotlight more than the older ones (aside from Mario, Luigi, Wario, etc.); some of the new characters themselves have no relationship to Mario, which can cause some plot holes to occur.
  3. Speaking of the characters, some of the characters can have unlikeable moments here in there. Some may also have moments of flanderization if not inconsistency here and there, especially in the 2014, 2015 and 2018-present eras.
  4. Some of the story arcs may span on for longer than they needed to. The Anime Arc for example, spanned a total of 12 episodes in 2019. And because of how long they are, not only do they take up space, but they also prevented the series from having opportunities to make webisodes such as holiday webisodes, including If Mario Was In..., Stupid Mario, etc.
  5. There have been some mean-spirited moments in his videos sometimes, such as in some of his bad episodes (see BQ #1). This even happens in some of his decent videos such as "Mario is Cancelled", where Mario wears a cone hat by the Cancelled Dimension that says "simp", and everyone (including his friends) laugh at him and mock him afterwards.
  6. While his sense of continuity in his later videos is clever and well-handled, it might be difficult for some to follow through the later episodes if they haven't watched the earlier episodes preceding them, such as in The Anime Arc, where Meggy turns into a human, and becomes extremely insecure and less confident after witnessing Desti's death; a fan who is new to his videos may not understand these changes unless they've seen earlier episodes leading up to it.
  7. Some of the webisodes are pretty cringy and really stupid (even though they are the point of the series). Some of the cringy stuff usually serve as bad attempts at humor.
  8. While indeed awesome (see WTSIA #15), most of the spin-off series never get that much new videos recently. Guards 'n Retards is an example of this due to the low amount of popularity and the use of the R-word in the name titled. Some series, such as Sonic the DERPhog don't get as many videos as the other ones, and in general, all of his other series, don't really have new episodes in, making them go nowhere compared to the casual bloopers he makes.
  9. The Revelations Arc is the worst SMG4 arc because of forced stories, being a copy of the anime arc, cheesy jokes, and flanderizations of characters. The Genesis Arc isn't any better either and is the second worse arc of SMG4 (aside from the 10 Year Anniversary) since it's also forced, main character death, unnecessary new characters, and overall way too dark and edgy compared to the other arcs.
  10. 2022 is no doubt one of the series' weakest years as there are more hated episodes then previous years and the OC characters having a main role in almost every episode which can annoy some people.
  11. Some of his series arcs can suffer from terrible writing and unexplained plotholes such as the Genesis Arc and the Revelations Arc being the worst examples of arcs ruined by questionable writing.
  12. While it was unique at first that a WOTFI was ending a arc it has quickly became more and more tiring as all of arcs (except for the Rapper Bob Arc, the Anime Arc and the Revelations Arc) have all ended with a WOTFIs and it's affecting the overall quality of the series that SMG4 has been doing for since 2011.


  • SMG4 himself is very popular in Japan, mainly because of the series' most popular webisode "Who Let the Chomp Out?" with many other webisodes subtitled into Japanese, as well as a lot of fan art on Pixiv.
    • It also has a notorious fandom in Latin America, with many videos getting subtitled into Spanish.




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