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Trickywagon Jun.jpg
A channel you can easily fall in love with
Gender: Female
Type: Artist, Digital shop owner
Date Joined: November 14th, 2013
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 40,000+

Trickywagon is an artist who joined YouTube on Nov 14, 2013. As of early July, 2019, she currently has 48,980+ subscribers

Why She's Amazing

  1. Her art is very gorgeous and so detailed, as she has been drawing for a very long time
  2. She has a really chill and calm personality
  3. Her art is very, very nice to look at.
  4. Her art inspires younger artists to be motivated to draw, which is a great thing to teach younger and beginner artists
  5. She goes to conventions such as MCM London just like Khan Taya, and ABD Illustrates.
  6. She does vlogs, she also does QnA's sometimes so her content won't feel repetitive.
  7. She also does Sketchbook Tours.
  8. The editing for her vlogs are clean and crisp.
  9. She sometimes does live streams on her Instagram where she interacts with her fans by answering their questions while drawing at the same time.
  10. Her OC's are very well designed
  11. She is slowly getting out of her Fandom phase which means she's going to draw her OC's more.
  12. She made an hour-long Study With Me video which is useful for those who need to study for exams, practice drawing, etc.
  13. There will kinda be a 100% guarantee that a vlog will be made a few days or weeks after the convention she attended has ended.
  14. She goes to other conventions like Dokomi.
  15. She once was commissioned by a sister of someone who had commissioned her years ago to do a tattoo design of their sister's OC, she told Trickywagon that their sister had passed away and that they wanted to keep something as a memory of them

Bad Qualities

  1. We don't really get to learn much of her main OCs Block, Brik (Block is Brik's boyfriend as shown from the yaoi art she made with them in it), App, Kie (who is Block's younger brother), and Jun (the newest addition to her main OCs and the person in the picture above). Especially Jun but that's excusable because Jun was created recently.
  2. The chances of her doing a sketchbook tour are very scarce. Due to being very busy with preparations for future conventions such as MCM and she's also busy with sending her followers their orders that they bought from her shop. The last time she did one was in May of last year.
  3. She doesn't do any collabs with other artists such as LavenderTowne, Khan Taya, Tamaytka, etc to make her more gain more attention and followers from the Art Community. Though she did do collabs with those that are friends with her in real life like Cpoints and
  4. She doesn't draw her old OC's nor redraws old art.
  5. She isn't really well recognized in the artist community.

Link To Her Channel


Trivia About Her Ocs


  • Is Briks boyfriend
  • Has a younger brother named Kieran, Kie for short.
  • He and Kie barely knew each other due to Block running away from his home when he was younger.


  • Is Blocks boyfriend.



  • Her real-name is possibly Sush.
  • She and Khan Taya know each other but aren't friends
  • She is a fan of Kingsman, Detroit: Become Human, Spider-Man, Voltron Legendary Defender, and My Hero Academia.
  • Before 2013, she was on a long art hiatus that lasted for a few years.
  • Her age is said to be around her early 20s.
  • The universe her OCs are set in is called Cjoints, which is named after a friend she knows in real life called Cpoints.
  • She prefers to draw boys more than girls which are excusable since people have their own preference on what to draw more.
  • She has a cat named Zuko
  • Her favorite Marvel Character is Spider-Man

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