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Welcome to the Amazing YouTubers Wiki!
YouTubers that make good or decent content.
YouTube is very big. As there are bad YouTubers, it also has or had good, great, and amazing YouTubers. There's also good YouTube videos and the best moments in YouTube history. Back then, we used to have a wiki on FANDOM, originally founded by Astral-New-X. But unfortunately, it was abandoned because some admins were globally blocked during the last incident that killed the Reception Wiki Family. So, this wiki and several other reception wikis affected were re-founded on Miraheze. Before you go anywhere else on the wiki, read the rules so you won't get punished. After that, you can continue on your adventure!
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PewDiePie - The biggest YouTuber ever.
Kasey Golden - A Canadian YouTuber and artist best known for her memorable art style and her Teeny Weeny Art Challenge.
Classic Game Room - A YouTube video game review show from an intergalactic space arcade on a never-ending mission to review everything.
MrBeast - A YouTuber who supports other YouTubers and does interesting challenges
NihongoGamer - A YouTuber who reviews arcade sticks and mods them
The 8-Bit Guy - A YouTuber that does videos on old computers such as the Commodore 64 and recently made games for that computer
Nathaniel Bandy - A YouTuber who does videos on how games trigger you and are mind-blowing
Lucky Penny Shop - The example of a decent toy channel who doesn't make shitty surprise egg videos nor abuse children
Translator Fails - A singer who messes up lyrics with Google Translate and sings them
Modern Vintage Gamer - A YouTuber who made the retro console emulators people play on the original X-Box.
Trickywagon - A really talented British artist who runs an online shop, sometimes goes to conventions to sell her work and enjoys coffee.
ashens - A British YouTuber who reviews strange items, retro tech, and old food.
SMG4 - The Mario YouTuber that made a lot of great meme parodies out of the Super Mario franchise.
JackSucksAtLife - A former Minecraft YouTuber who collects playbuttons.
SpongeDubs - A SpongeBob YouTuber who's known for making videos where SpongeBob sings songs made by random people.
Cowbelly Studios - The more mature version of Clumsy who doesn't steal memes and gives credit to the OG meme creators.
FlyingKtity - A YouTube Pooper who makes creative and original YouTube Poops.
Nas Daily - A YouTuber who makes videos about a lot of awesome world records in history.
KreekCraft - A Roblox YouTuber who makes theory videos who supports his fans and make animations on a second channel.
Grandayy - A YouTuber who is known for having great editing and for spawning a lot of funny meme video edits.
Plainrock124 - A YouTuber who is known for making desturtion videos but actually funny.
I Hate Everyting - A YouTuber who rants on certain stuff on the internet and gives out valid reasons onto why he hates them.
HISHE - A parody YouTuber who makes videos on how movies should've ended for satire purposes only.
ExplodingTNT - A total Minecraft noob mouse who makes videos about him and his friends doing random Minecraft stuff.
Nintendrew - A gaming Youtuber and video game collector who makes videos on peripherals in his game collection, such as games, consoles, accesories, etc. as well as making some DIY tutorials.
Peter Knetter - A YouTuber that tells his fans "I love you ;D".
Level UP - A YouTuber who makes videos out of Sonic, Mario, Pac-Man, and other video game heroes we all know and love.
jacksepticeye - A gamer that became one of the most popular YouTubers on the Internet.
PhantomStrider - A cartoon reviewer who makes a lot of decent reviews on certain cartoons in existince.
Danny Gonzalez - A commentary YouTuber who makes rants on other YouTubers and have good reasons to dislike them.
Feel free to create an account and contribute with us.
penguinz0 - A YouTuber who makes a lot of commentaries and manages to make decent videos even without editing them.
TheOdd1sOut - A YouTuber who's known for his webcomic as well as his relatable life stories
Gamester81 - A YouTuber who is known for owning a company that makes games for discontinued consoles.
Sonic the Hedgehog - The YouTuber that produce SEGA's most successful mascot which became one of Mario's rivial later on.
The Pals - A Minecraft/Roblox gamer group featuring a lot of Roblox YouTubers playing together and sometimes makes videos by themselves on their own channels.
Dude Perfect - A group of mans making really funny videos to the point where they managed to own their own Nickelodeon show.
Just2good - A LEGO YouTuber who became an internet meme who revealed his face as a special and review on certain LEGO sets.
Chris Stuckmann - A movie reviewer who reviews certain movies whenever they came out and gives his own thoughts on them.
ThomasWoodenRailway - A childhood YouTuber who's well known for his videos on Thomas & Friends.
Oddity Archive - A YouTuber who makes a lot of funny videos on a web series the same name as his YouTube channel.
#Alternate channels (like Just2food or LiveStrider) - Pointless pages, also better to just discuss the good qualities about the other channels on their main account.
  1. Any bot (such as Stevens, Logan, Cythz, and Bananarama) - Self-explanatory, and they just spam on videos.
  2. AwfulFanDactyl - Bad YouTuber and Deviant, and the page was made to defend this fool.
  3. Any YouTubers that are repetitive like But Without and With Healthbars - Self Explanatory.
  4. Any Miraheze users - We can't let this wiki become an Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki 2.0
  5. Anyone who's mostly into Twitter than YouTube - Would fit better in Amazing Twitter Users Wiki.
  6. Blue Hue - NSFW despite the quality.
  7. Fox Goodman - Controversial reasoning.
  8. GalaxyTrail - Mainly game developer and not YouTuber and moved to Awesome Games Wiki.
  9. What's Inside - Not good enough to be on this wiki, and they often destroy stuff without knowledge of what activates it.
  10. JTSF2006/ SRLARSYBAM73N ź Page was made by a user as a joke. Not a real YouTuber.
  11. James Charles - He complained over Twitter over not have a pink drink at his Starbucks, revealed half of his butt at Coachella 2018 and 2019, charged $500 for his VIP tour, which shows just how greedy he is, and is very egotistical. Can also cause flame and edit wars due to him being trans.
  12. T-Series - Controversial reasoning and potential cause of flame war.
  13. Cocomelon - Not enough good reasons and can also start a flame war.
  14. MetalHeadSpartan - Not enough good reasons.
  15. FuturisticHub - Can’t take criticism as he tried to blank an article that criticized him, and even tried to sue Terrible TV Shows Wiki for his inclusion on said wiki back when it was on FANDOM.
  16. Samurai Edge - Possible dead horse beating.
  17. Will it Blend? - Generic YouTuber who blends random things and the same results each video.
  18. DistantKingdom - Clout chaser who milks SwSh to death and can't handle the slightezt form of criticism.
  19. TWIP - Ditto.
  20. Conner The Waffle - Lies about him owning knock off consoles and multicarts and steals footage from other YouTubers for his reviews and acts like it's his footage(Though he sometimes does supply his own footage).
  21. Matthew Davis Media - While not being as bad as his past self, he's still a terrible YouTuber, as his newer reviews are boring and effortless, he is very egotistical and he's cheap Channel Awesome wannabe.
  22. JoJo Siwa - Too spoiled, thinks that all girls need to be all girly when they don't and is complete sellout.
  23. Benthelooney - Might cause drama.
  24. Dream - Same with Benthelooney also can not handle criticism as he refuses to admit he cheated in Minecraft, anyone who is part of his SMP are allowed as long as they have decent reception.
  25. Dhar Mann - Awful life lesson videos, cannot handle criticism, treats his employees terribly, and he makes inappropriate content while claiming his channel is "Family-Friendly".

  1. Only put good YouTubers or videos if people give positive feedback to it, even if there are more dislikes than likes.
  2. Please do not make a page about yourself on this wiki, it is considered to be egotistic.
  3. Do not move pages from this wiki to another. It will lose their popularity for them. Anyone who does this will be blocked for a certain amount of time.
  4. Always add a photo or video of the YouTuber.
  5. Don't create pages about users and admins on this wiki.
  6. Please use proper grammar.
  7. Don't harass or attack other users. ESPECIALLY ADMINS! Your block can vary depending on the severity of the action(s).
  8. Do not add the fact that some YouTubers have Toxic Fanbases or Hatebases as Bad Qualities. Anyone who does this will be blocked for a certain amount of time without a warning. If you disrespect any of these rules whatsoever for 5 times, you will be blocked forever. Sockpuppet accounts will also be blocked whatsoever.
  9. Swearing is allowed.
  10. Vandalism is unacceptable that you'll be blocked immediately.
  11. Do not undo an admin's edits. Anyone who will do that will be blocked. (See the section of how if you break rules)
  12. You are allowed to tell good YouTubers about them having an article on them on this wiki.
  13. Do not insult, harass, or bully any users on this site. Users violating this rule will be warned or else will be blocked on this wiki.
  14. If you don't know how to make templates, use the YouTubers Infobox.
  15. Do NOT leave pages unfinished, 1 reason isn't enough. Any unfinished pages will have 1 week to improve before it is deleted.
  16. DOXING IS FORDIDDEN ON THIS WIKI. Anyone caught using the wiki or Discord server to dox someone will result in an indefinite block.
    • This includes off-site doxxing, if we catch you doxxing anyone it will result in an indefinite block.
  17. Have fun!
  18. Please do not block users for personal reasons if you're an admin.
    • Also don't block people for being on the admin blacklist.

Page Guidelines

  1. Pages must have at least 5 good reasons why the YouTuber is amazing.
  2. Sentences must have a good length and not too short.
  3. Reasons can't be separated into multiple reasons such as one reason being x is creative, another being x is cool, and one being x is cool.
  4. The number of bad qualities can't surpass the number of good qualities.
  5. Pages MUST have an infobox and an image.
  6. Pages also MUST have categories.
  7. If they fail to receive these guidelines, they will receive the stub tag and be deleted after 1 week if they aren't fixed.
  8. Custom headings are acceptable, as long as they fit the article and don't offend people. "Why It Rocks" isn't allowed due to being overused in the Mainline Wikis. However, you are allowed to use the normal "Why It's Amazing".

If you break any of these rules:

  • 1st Time- Warning
  • 2nd Time- 1-week block
  • 3rd Time- 1-month block
  • 4th Time- 1-year block
  • 5th Time- Kicked Out

You will be kicked out immediately if you break the following rules:

  1. No vandalizing.
  2. No being a toxic fanboy to any of these YouTubers.
    • By that we mean, do not attack people for putting a YouTuber you dislike on the Wiki or having different beliefs, nor to harass or try to take down any YouTuber or video featured on this wiki.
  3. Make your own page! Do not force others to make one for you.
  4. Do not add pages about any user or admin.
  5. If a page is causing drama, it will be deleted until further notice.
  6. Do not unfairly ban users, this will result in demotion until further notice.
  7. Save jokes for social circumstances not serious.
  8. Do not EVER make a threat in any way, shape or form. This includes death threats, suicide threats, or any other dangerous threat that can potentially harm yourself or others.
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