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Arczi008TV 2013.jpg

Arczi008TV 2008.jpg

Channel with Polish Angry German Kid Parodies? Sounds cool.
Gender: Male
Type: Polish Angry German Kid Maker
Date Joined: April 14, 2013 (Current Channel)
April 15, 2008 (Old Channel)
Status: Active, Doesn't upload.
Subscriber Count: 32,2k (Current Channel)
25k (Old Channel)

Arczi008TV (Also Known as Arczi008) is a Polish YouTuber known for making Polish Angry German Kid Parodies.

Why He's Amazing[edit | edit source]

  1. His AGK Videos have effort put into them, including the thumbnails for his videos.
  2. His popular "Leopold trolluje na Omegle" (Leopold trolls on Omegle) series.
  3. His intro and watermark are nice.
  4. His videos are enjoyable to watch, even though they are in Polish.
  5. He has good music choice for his videos than just repeating 1 music.
    • Same goes with sounds.
  6. His remixes are very awesome.
  7. Some of his videos are also funny to watch.

The Only Bad Quality[edit | edit source]

  1. Some of repeated clips in his "Leopold trolluje na Omegle" (Leopold trolls on Omegle) series can get annoying.

Comments[edit | edit source]

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