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Gender: Male
Type: LEGO YouTuber
Date Joined: February 15, 2009
Status: Semi-Active
Subscriber Count: 718K

Dave Pickett, better known online as BRICK 101, is an American YouTuber best known for his Nightly News at Nine series. Thanks to his focus on LEGO, his channel has grown significantly over the years.

Why He's Amazing

  1. Despite his Lego animations, he is filled with lots of creativity when it comes to his YouTube career.
  2. Outside of the Lego community, he is a great gamer and his gameplays on Super Mario Maker are pretty enjoyable to watch at times.
  3. His Nightly News at Nine series is pretty enjoyable to watch along with the cool creations of Lego Pinchbots.
  4. He is pretty positive, he explained why he didn't upload for a while and it's because he's been facing rough times and soon later made a video about it.
  5. He makes a bunch of great and accurate models out of stuffs you see from cartoons such as The Simpsons family and Mario.
  6. He had a pretty decent collab with Paganomation, which contains a loaf of adventures and likeable characters, it even came with it's own book that you are free to buy.
  7. His How2Build videos are also nice to watch, it contains nice interactions to show off how you can build some of David's creativity he has made in the past.
  8. He's pretty creative when it comes to making his own characters, like he once made a Leg Shark which is a shark with legs.
  9. When he criticized the Lego Ghostbusters set, he managed to fix the set by simply improving it by ditching and adding Lego pieces.

Bad Qualities

  1. He did lied to his fans that the NNN series will return, which will probably never happened.


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