What is the YouTube Criteria in order to appear on Amazing YouTubers Wiki ?

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Brian Aria

Ok,we know various not good YouTubers that already have their articles on Atrocious Page who still don't care about their reputation Such as Valiskibum94(Rushed And Spread Videos),Connor (Can't spot Bootleg and Fan Games accurately),MrEnter(Criticize without any Sense),Combo Panda(Clickbait) and Inktank (Nonsensical Ben 10 Theories) So in order to appear in Amazing YouTubers Wiki what is the Criteria requirements that Youtuber must and What Things that they have to not to do for YouTubing (ex:Jontron forgot Fracured Furry Tales Despite the title Bubsy Collection,Matpat just take Theories from internet and used stolen artwork in order to get more attention,Funnel Vision Used Clickbait in order to get more attention) ? Thanks.

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