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Boogie2988 Profile Pic.png
"What's up, ladies and gentlemen of YouTube, Boogie2988 coming at you live once again though the power of the internet" - Boogie himself
Gender: Male
Type: Gamer
Date Joined: April 5, 2006
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 4.29M

Steven Jay Williams, better known online as boogie2988 (Boogie for short), or his character name Francis, is an American YouTuber and commentator who makes gaming-related videos discussing gaming news, personal rambling vlogs, and character sketches, the most famous of which is his character Francis, a childish lisp-afflicted adult with a tendency to smash various objects.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His videos are very well put to together and have huge variety, from reviews to ramblings to skits, every video never feels the same nor repetitive.
  2. His characters, Francis & Jessy, are both hilarious characters, and all of his videos featuring them never fail to amuse.
  3. Many of the jokes he makes are funny, clever, and never fall flat.
  4. His video ideas are very creative, like one where Francis discovers the Francis puppet.
  5. He is shown to be a great singer, as seen in this video.
  6. He encourages people to lose weight and to always be healthy and never give up, which makes him a optimistic person.
  7. He is shown to be very kind and friendly towards people.
  8. His acting skills are extremely talented.

Bad Qualities

  1. While lovable and hilarious, his Francis character can be very unlikable at times.
  2. While the destructions by Francis are not bad, it seems like a bad waste of money.
  3. When fellow YouTuber KidBehindaCamera came under fire for being abusive to his nephews, he downplayed the controversy by making KidBehindaCamera look like he was the victim and not his nephews.
  4. He irresponsibly filmed himself while driving and crashed his car into a semi-truck, then blamed the semi-truck driver for causing the crash.
  5. He's been shown to be a compulsive liar. He has said multiple times that he's been trying to lose weight, but after his weight loss surgery he has barely tried to lose weight seeing as how he was 350 lbs after the surgery and he hasn't lost much weight since.
  6. Boogie once pulled a gun on a YouTuber who showed at his house, but he did this for self-defense. The reason why this is bad is because when a fellow YouTuber Matt Jarbo questioned whether or not it was fake, Boogie showed up on his stream and ridiculed him for questioning the event.
  7. He compares his trolls to rapist and Nazis!
  8. He uses suicide to get people to stop criticizing him.


  • Boogie2988 won in the trending gamer category of the Game Awards 2016.
  • He was parodied in an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball named The Line, in which there is a scene where Gumball uploads a false review of Stellar Odyssey: The Force Rehashed onto the internet in which he assumes the persona of Dollyboy1923. In the review, he is an overweight nerd, indirectly referencing Boogie.
  • He has 2 other channels, "Boogie Travels" & "Boogie Plays Games", unfortunately he hasn't been very active on the latter channel.




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