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Classic Game Room
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Banished from the earth, Classic Game Room broadcast from an intergalactic space station on a never-ending mission to review everything.
Gender: Male
Type: Game Reviewer
Date Joined: Feburary 10, 2007
Status: Sorta Active
Subscriber Count: 431k

Classic Game Room is a YouTube Channel and shows that does some short reviews of video games and consoles that are both old and new. He then started doing art videos, then t-shirt promos, and currently does comics from the 80's. He went through many YouTube names.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His reviews are short in a good way as it makes you want to watch more of his videos.
  2. He makes his reviews interesting by putting in memories and antics as well as some good commentary.
  3. Speaking of commentary, his commentary can be pretty good and sometimes funny.
  4. Most of his content is family-friendly with the exception of a few videos such as his review of Manhunt.
  5. After the retirement of CGR, he is a great artist, when he made an art series called Drawing with Lord Karnage.
  6. He even reviews some obscure consoles that barely anyone knows about such as the Amiga CD 32 and the Atari XEGS.
  7. He even did some challenges from Game Sack which were to find the best select button and to find which cartridge have the ease of coming in and out and he even challenged them on finding which console has the best rubber feet.
  8. He keeps improving his video quality as his older videos were fuzzy and only focused on the console and his latest videos are crisp and includes the console's games.
  9. He upgrades his studio game room and moves them in a good way making them look good.
  10. His comic reviews that he does on this channel now a days are pretty nice.

Bad Qualities

  1. He does swears but it's rare and when he does, it's not strong or gets bleeped.
  2. He left YouTube 2 times.
    1. The first time was somewhat a hiatus and then he returned.
    2. The second time, he moved to Amazon Prime.
  3. He keeps changing his YouTube name once he moved his show to Amazon Prime.
  4. His channel is now a place for promos for his t-shirts.
  5. The first video he posted that wasn't an episode of Classic Game Room, he disabled the comments and like/dislike ratio on his tutorial videos which led to his promos.


  1. The URL for his channel page says InecomCompany. It is possible that that was his first name before he changed his YouTube name to Lord Karnage and kept it for years.
  2. His 3rd name, when he started doing promos for his t-shirts, was Turbo Volcano and then became Tome of Infinite and then CGR Publishing and is currently 80s Comics which he currently does comic reviews on YouTube.
  3. The only age-restricted video on his channel was his review of Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the PS1. Someone in the comments wanted to decapitate whoever flagged the video.
  4. His favorite game is Truxton on the Sega Genesis.
  5. He has a spin-off channel called CGR Undertow with the host being Derick which the channel is now abandoned.
  6. Due to him keeping changing his name, his channel can be found here.



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I saw his Lego Racers Review. It was cool.

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