Claycat's DOOM

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Claycat's DOOM
Run Time: 2:43
Uploaded: May 6, 2016
Status: Online
View Counts: 2,733,098

Claycat's DOOM is a video by YouTuber Lee Hardcastle and currently have 2,733,098 views.


A cat gets into hell and starts killing all the demons.

Why It's Epic

  1. It is pretty epic.
  2. It is also pretty funny.
  3. The animation standards are superb along with Lee Hardcastle's other works.
  4. It makes you want to watch more of his works.
  5. It was pretty viral as can be seen with the number of views it has.
  6. It's fast paced and has gory action that appeals to certain viewers.

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. Like Shed 17, the video may be disturbing for some.
  2. At 1:31, it has some flashing lights but not enough to trigger a seizure and is only a few seconds.



18 months ago
Score 1
It's basically doom but with cats

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