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Core-A Gaming
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Anyone can be good at fighting games and here are some tips.
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting Game Expert
Date Joined: March 11, 2015
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 379K

Core-A Gaming is a YouTube channel that is mostly about fighting games, the FGC (Fighting Game Community), and tournaments.

Why They're Amazing

  1. Their channel is really informative for those into fighting games such as their analysis videos.
  2. They give out tips for fighting games like choosing a character to main, techniques, and the basics of fighting.
  3. They proved that anyone can win EVO with any controller and arcade parts.
  4. They put in some movie clips to fit their videos.
    1. Their video on controllers had a scene from Indiana Jones and they placed a cover of Marvel VS Capcom 2 for Sega Dreamcast over the relic to represent arcade perfect ports.
  5. They also put humor in some of their videos.
    1. One of them showed someone play fighting games with a steering wheel.
  6. He also throws in some pop culture references.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. His video on button mashing got age restricted for unknown reasons which led to him making a family man edition which did some edits that replaced stuff that he and his fans thought was why it got age restricted and some of the edits were dumb like replacing a regular gun with a nerf gun.


  1. He said that you can't win fighting games with a steering wheel though Initial T won guilty gear with a steering wheel. He did make a video about it and interviewed him.


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