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NOTE: This will be focusing on all of Cowbelly's channels, not just Cowbelly Studios.

Cowbelly Studios
Cowbelly Studios.jpg
The Valkyrie of the Meme Community.
Gender: Male
Type: Memer, Redditor
Date Joined: April 20, 2017
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: +1.4 Million

Graham Heavenrich (born April 16, 1998 [age 21]), better known online as Cowbelly, is a YouTuber that owns Cowbelly Studios (formerly known as Comment Awards), Tumblr Reads (formerly known as Reddit Reads), Meme Manía, and Memeify (formerly known as Memeistry). The main channel of this article, Cowbelly Studios, currently has over 1.4 million subscribers. He is known for his "CLUB PENGUIN RUINED" series.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He contributed to the revival of the Meme Community.
  2. He acts like an actually mature dank memer, as he doesn't call out other people for liking Fortnite, a game that has a toxic hatebase.
  3. Nowadays, he censors the swearing with the Roblox death sound, making him more kid-friendly.
  4. He's basically a more mature version of Clumsy, as he doesn't steal memes and actually gives credit to the OG meme creators.
  5. He used to give shout outs to people who used #MemeAwards and #FeatureMe in his comment section.
  6. In his Tumblr Reads channel, he reads Tumblr posts, however, he doesn't act like an SJW, which is amazing considering Tumblr is infamous for their SJWs.
  7. Unlike Clumsy, his thumbnails have a meme that actually appears in the video.
  8. Starting with "Daily Memes Dose XXXVIII (trial episode)" he started using his real voice to read the memes, which was a HUGE step-up from the robot voice.
    • Starting with "memes to help you procrastinate", it was replaced with EmKay's voice. However, in "Daily Memes Dose XLIX (normal episode)" it reverted back to his robot voice.
  9. He, along with GioFilms, are one of the few good Reddit channels and don't clickbait.

Bad Qualities

  1. As with other Reddit channels, the text-to-speech voice can get on your nerves.
  2. 2 of his channels (Meme Manía and Memeify) had been inactive, with Meme Manía being inactive for over 6 months. In fact, the main Cowbelly channel is less active than Cowbelly Studios.


  • He had been in a controversy where his fanbase called out a YouTuber named Calbel for copying Cowbelly's videos, however, it was later revealed that Calbel came first.
  • The reason why this article is mostly about Cowbelly Studios is because Cowbelly Studios is the most active of what Cowbelly owns.


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