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Gender: Male
Type: Gamer
Date Joined: July 14, 2012
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 21,659,370

Daniel Robert Middleton (born: November 8, 1991 [age 29]), better known online as DanTDM (also known as TheDiamondMinecart), is an English YouTube gaming commentator known for his Minecraft game-plays, as well as other video games like, Roblox, and more. Aside from his main channel, Dan also has two other channels; DanTDM Live, where he posts his Twitch live streams, and MoreTDM, an inactive channel where he posted vlogs and other videos. Before his DanTDM channel, he also had another channel, PokémanDanLv45, where he used to upload videos about Pokémon trading cards, however, this channel has been inactive for over 6 years.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His older videos where he hangs out with Dr. Trayaurus is also interesting since he shows off a bit of adventure when it comes to making them.
  2. The thumbnails he makes in his videos are quite hilarious to look at as well as being funny at the same time.
  3. He cares for his fans as shown with the things he has done for them.
  4. Dr. Trayaurus's laboratory is also really detailed as he takes certain iron blocks, gold blocks, etc for his lab.
  5. He also plays good Minecraft games.
  6. He doesn't only play Minecraft, but he also does other games too like Roblox, Fortnite, FNAF, and sometimes some retro games including when he reviewed the SNES Classic.
  7. He sometimes does good reaction videos, an example is his videos where he reacts to TikTok videos can be funny to watch at times.
  8. One time, he was able to turn the YouTube comments into a lyrics for a song.
  9. He also does a few decent Minecraft tutorial videos like his video called "How To Make A FLOATING Minecraft House!".
  10. He also did a hard work to unlock the true ending of Piggy and unlock the rare "Mr. P" skin.

Bad Qualities

  1. Just like RinryGameGame, he sometimes rarely swears but not really and it is hard to find one that he does. He doesn't admit to swearing which is a good thing.
  2. Like Luna and NihongoGamer, he does clickbait but it's not misleading and sometimes unintentional.


  1. On his SNES Classic review, he stated that he grew up with a SNES.
  2. He has a younger brother that he claimed was his friend growing up.
  3. He has a wife and son.
  4. He was parodied on CBBC's Horrible Histories. He did a reaction video on it.
  5. He voiced Eboy in the UK version of Ralph Breaks The Internet.



Gucci Rsbbit

16 months ago
Score 4
My favorite gamer.

Ragdoll Productions Fan 2005

16 months ago
Score 2
Same Gucci Rsbbit.

Ahmed Zafreh

10 months ago
Score 1
I watch all of his Minecraft Videos!

Demon Horse

5 months ago
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He's one of my favorite YouTubers.

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