David Walsh Online

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David Walsh Online
David Walsh.jpg
Gender: Male
Type: Tutorial YouTuber
Date Joined: February 8, 2009
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 163K

David Walsh Online is a YouTuber who joined on February 8, 2009

Why He's Amazing

  1. He makes videos in order to improve our channels.
  2. His videos on how to deal with trolls a.k.a haters can also give us fewer haters like trolls shouldn't be taken too seriously.
  3. Unlike Morgz & other users he hates clickbaits so he tried to tell us to improve our thumbnails and focus on what your title & thumbnail says to get more views.
  4. He doesn't swear in his videos, unlike other tutorial users who have swearing.
  5. He makes good tutorials & if you follow them your channel will become a success.
  6. His video called 5 Ways To Make Money With YouTube - No Matter Your Size is pretty helpful so YouTube can be your job.
  7. He made a perfect video on how we can make a family friendly niche channel featuring catiewahwah.


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