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DerpBob123 Icon.png
Although he has given up on his channel, he will always be considered one of the best YouTubers in the Brazilian Club PenguinAGW community.
Gender: Male
Type: Memer
Date Joined: December 17, 2012
Status: Inactive
Subscriber Count: 17,800

DerpBob123 was a YouTuber that made humorous videos based on Club PenguinAGWand also made some CPMVs (Club PenguinAGW Music Videos). He created his channel in 2012 and, since then, he started his YouTube career (he deleted his first video, but the oldest one is called: [CPMV] - PSY - Right Now). In 2016, he mysteriously stopped uploading videos to YouTube, but in 2017, when Club PenguinAGW was ending, he published his latest video saying goodbye to everyone, showing the best moments of your channel and thanking your fans and people who have watched your channel for years. In the description of his last video, he said that he had already stopped playing Club PenguinAGW and making videos for his channel because he was losing interest in the game, but after learning that the game would be shut down by Disney in 2017, he made his last video to confirm his leaving YouTube.

Why He Was Amazing

  1. Club Penguin's Brazilian community has grown thanks to its channel.
  2. He made excellent edits to his videos.
  3. Your channel was inspired by another great Club Penguin famous YouTuber called: Sempre234.
  4. Many of your videos are very funny and very entertaining.
  5. He treated his fans very well when he meets them at Club Penguin.AGW
  6. He did his own biography that explains everything about his history with the game (and also why he gave up on his channel)
  7. He was considered by his fans, the second best YouTuber of Club PenguinAGW in Brazil. Just losing to Sempre234.
  8. A series he created on his channel called "Gargalhadas Pinguinadas" is very creative and very well done and was very positively rated by his fans and subscribers.

Bad Qualities

  1. Out of nowhere, he disappeared from YouTube. he should at least have made a video before, announcing the end of his channel, saying goodbye and thanking everyone who supported his content and and explaining why he disappeared from YouTube. This was disappointing for some fans and supporters of your channel, as many waited a year for a new video to be made (some even lost hope that he would continue to make more videos) and only when Club Penguin was ending, he did make his last video.
  2. Despite his videos looking family friendly, he does cuss in them.


  1. He said in his bio that maybe he can come back to YouTube, but with a different channel and new content.
  2. His channel would be with a duo, he and his cousin.
  3. He never paid for a membership in the game, he just used codes to unlock items.


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