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"Also, only a small percentage of people that watch my videos are actually subscribed, so if you end up enjoying this video, consider subscribing. It’s free, and you can always change your mind. Enjoy!" ―Dream's intro
Gender: Male
Type: Gaming YouTuber
Minecraft Speedrunner
Date Joined: February 8, 2014
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 10M

According to YouTube's statistics. Only a small percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you end up liking this video consider subscribing. It's free and you can always unsubscribe, enjoy the video.
- Dream when he's discussing the YouTube statistics

Clay (born: August 12, 1999 (1999-08-12) [age 21]), better known online as Dream (also known as DreamWasTaken, formerly known as DreamTraps), is an American gaming YouTuber and Minecraft speedrunner who held the record in v1.15 for a month before it was taken by another speedrunner/streamer called Korbanoes. He is renowned in the Minecraft community for being a skilled player, and often touted as one of the greatest players of the game.

Why He's Amazing

  1. As said before, he's considered one of the best players of Minecraft. Being extremely skilled and making multiple smart plays.
  2. A lot of his videos have interesting concepts.
  3. Diving deeper into the 2nd pointer, unlike certain Minecraft YouTubers. He doesn't rely on other trends for his videos as there are various creative concepts such as The Ender Dragon being a pet, Beating Minecraft without leaving the nether, his famous Minecraft Manhunt series and many more.
    • He also made a video that mocks generic Minecraft YouTubers.
  4. He even shows up in MrBeast's challenge videos on MrBeast's gaming account.
  5. He also decently remakes games, like his Among Us In Minecraft... video was interesting to a lot of Minecraft and Among us fans.
  6. His iconic Minecraft avatar is funny as it's similar to his channel mascot.
  7. Thanks to his popularity, he even did a collab with the creator of Minecraft a.k.a Notch.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. He cheated in Minecraft speedruns 2 times. The first time was accidental and the second time might have been intentional.


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