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Game Sack
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Hello, I'm Joe. And I'm Dave. And Welcome to Game Sack.
Gender: Males
Type: Gamers, Reviewers
Date Joined: March 27, 2011
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 216,622

Game Sack is a YouTube channel that does reviews on video games. They mostly do retro games as well as some modern games too.

Why They're Amazing

  1. They do multiple reviews per episode.
  2. Speaking of episodes, they give a theme to the episode with the games being within that theme.
    1. Some being about the graphics such as 2.5D, games with dumb names, really bad games, games that pushed hardware limitations, games with pre rendered graphics, etc.
    2. Episodes based on a console and its games.
    3. Demo discs
  3. They take turns to do reviews, which provides variety.
  4. They portray themselves as fanboys in a good way.
    1. Joe is a Sega fanboy
    2. Dave is a Nintendo fanboy
  5. They have good skits at the end of each episode. They can be funny.
  6. They are usually family friendly on most episodes as they don't use excessive and strongand profanity as well as some good censorship on some of the games.
    1. They mentioned that the show is a family show in their PC FX episode.
  7. This and this.
  8. They also did a good video with parodies of YouTubers including themselves.

Bad Qualities

  1. They do sometimes swear but it's not major.
  2. Some of the skits may have Dave flip off Joe when he shows Dave an inferior console.
  3. They can sometimes have sexual jokes but not as bad.
  4. Their earlier videos can have some bias.
  5. Unfortunately, Dave left the show due to family and job reasons but fortunately, Joe still runs the show and is still good.


  1. Before Game Sack, Joe had a channel called Joeredother, redifermusic, and Redifer which are mostly abandoned for this channel.
  2. Joe was on the Aladdin Deck Enhancer episode of AVGN and had his NES explode while playing and got hurt.


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