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Geography Now
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We covered your country and if we didn't we eventually will.
Gender: "Multiple"
Type: "Historian"
Date Joined: August 31, 2014
Status: "Active"
Subscriber Count: 1,780,000

Geography Now is a YouTube channel hosted by Paul Barbato which attempts to upload a video on every country in the world in alphabetical order, starting with Afghanistan and ending with Zimbabwe.

Why They Rock

  1. Their videos are very informational and try their best to give accurate information on the country they're covering.
  2. They ask people from a country that's going to be covered about facts about their country, showing that they are non-biased and looking for true information from the locals.
  3. In fact, when they do get something wrong, they usually correct it in the "Flag Friday" episode.
  4. The effects and transitions get better from one episode to the next.
  5. The cast keeps growing bigger and bigger and helps to give variety to the show.
  6. They cover the political geography, physical geography, demographics, and foreign relations of every country, as well as the national flag in the Flag Friday segment, and have even gone further than that. They now also give facts about which side of the road they drive on in every country, their plug outlets, and their biggest problems.

Bad Qualities

  1. The humor can get stale and repetitive at times, such as the Bob Saget jokes in the earlier episodes.
  2. The first few episodes weren't that good due to bad lighting, lack of research, and not as much stuff being taught.