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Gender: Male
Type: Dank Memer
Date Joined: July 2, 2014
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 2M

Grandayy (born: June 1, 1994 [age 26]) is a Maltese YouTuber originally known for his mashups and remixes centred around Lazy Town, most commonly its song called We Are Number One, Minecraft, Crash Bandicoot, other YouTubers and other popular memes.

Why He's Amazing

  1. When it comes to him editing videos, they can sometimes be funny like his Minecraft Steve sings Dame Da Ne video.
  2. He along with FlyingKitty, Dolan Dark, and Party in Backyard helped PewDiePie with his better version of YouTube Rewinds 2018/2019.
  3. His rap battle video on Donald Trump and Joe Biden was funny and has nice editing like something SpongeDubs would make.
  4. His Minecraft videos has a nice take on to Dream's Minecraft videos.
  5. He also makes good videos where it looks like YouTubers like Pink Guy look like they play Among Us.
    • With an addition to that, his video called "Logan Paul plays Among Us" resembles the time Logan Paul films a dead body perfectly.
  6. Because there's a lot of great memes out there in existence, he made a video showing off the great memes of 2020.
  7. A lot of his jokes are clever like his joke on Among Us characters being everywhere.
  8. His video about the Sonic trailer but in Minecraft is decent.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some of his memes can be unfunny sometimes.


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