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How (insert movie here) Should Have Ended
Gender: Multiple
Type: Ending Recreator
Date Joined: March 5, 2007
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 10.1M

HISHE (Stands For How It Should Have Ended) is a YouTube channel that parodies movies by making alternative endings.

Why They're Amazing

  1. They make great videos on how a movie should have ended.
  2. They used stop motion animation with actual Legos when they did their Lego Movie videos.
  3. Their alternative endings are funny.
  4. Their Super Hero Cafe and Villain Pub series are pretty funny.
  5. They can point out flaws in a good way.
    1. Why women shouldn't run in high heels in their Jurassic World video.
    2. Inside Out when the triple mint gum song gets in the headquarters could be the same way to get the core memories back into headquarters.
  6. They have another channel for kids and they even ask kids how a movie should of ended and they can be so bad it's actually pretty funny.

Bad Qualities

  1. Their endings can make some movies super short.
  2. Their flash animation can get old and unimpressive.
  3. Some of their endings won't work due to crossover.
    1. In their Frozen HISHE, they had it where Elsa as a kid gets sent to Mutant Academy (X-Men).


  1. They used to be with Starz Media.
  2. They also used to be with Machinima.


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