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Indigo Traveller
Gender: Male
Type: Travel, Reality
Date Joined: April 10, 2016
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 791,000 (As of November 9, 2020)

Nick Fisher, better known as Indigo Traveller is a New Zealand Youtuber who tours different parts of the world. He is best known for his videos showing the real lives of regular people in countries that are often misunderstood.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He takes risks to show what it can be like in certain countries.
    1. In North Korea, he shows the daily life of Pyeongyang's citizens, and shows what it's like for the country's elite.
    2. In Afghanistan, he gets to visit places such as villages, and a theme park where one of the locals says how the people just want peace.
    3. In Venezuela, he shows the effects of the current government on the living conditions, crime, shopping, and transportation.
  2. He has donated to many charities to help children in some of these countries.
  3. The scene where we see a little impoverished boy in Afghanistan tearfully running to sell eggs to him while he is in a truck is very sad and heart-wrenching.
  4. In one video, he helped make soup in a kitchen to give to Venezuelan children.
  5. He shows the side of Somalia at a beach where everyone is having fun and how not everybody is worried and scared.
  6. Besides these videos, he even shows different sights of other countries and even strange things he finds.
  7. He often interviews locals to get their opinion on their countries.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Some videos have clickbait-like titles.


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