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Hello everyone.
Gender: Male
Type: Just A Nice Guy
Date Joined: June 25, 2010
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 1.2M

Bamidele O. Shangobunmi, better known online as JANGBRiCKS, or JANG (an acronym for Just A Nice Guy), is an American YouTuber from San Francisco. His very first channel, theJANG, was created on April 8, 2006. He primarily uploads knife reviews to the channel, and he also periodically uploads gameplay videos.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He's been a great LEGO YouTuber in the past and he even managed to become the first LEGO YouTuber to ever reach 1 million subscribers.
  2. His content is family-friendly.
  3. He speaks decent when it comes to making LEGO reviews.
  4. His LEGO city actually took a lot of hard work and a bunch of effort, showing how effortful he can be at times and another.
  5. He has an awesome intro.
  6. His name "Jang" actually sounds pretty nice and original as much as it's a nice standing to "Just A Nice Guy".
  7. Just like Just2good his reviews show us if we want the set or not.
  8. He can handle criticism.
  9. He doesn't just review Legos but he also did Playmobile.
  10. His reviews are pretty serious unlike some other channels like him who go crazy.
  11. It is funny when he gets angry such as when he opened 3 Super Mario KNEX Blind Bags, and all he got was 3 Mario's.

Bad Qualites

  1. The #JusticeForJang thing went too far.
  2. The GNAJBRicKS channel seems to be less amazing and more atrocious since Jang made fun of himself on that channel.


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