Jack Spero

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Jack Spero
Darn it, Magenta...
Gender: Male
Type: Former Algodoo marble racer
Date Joined: November 1, 2011
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 95.9K

Jack Spero is a Canadian YouTuber and marble racer. He's known for being one of the first marble racers on YouTube.

Why He Can Cure the Magenta Curse

  1. He introduced several new types of marble races to the Algodoo Marble Race community, such as the Beat the Clock, Beat the Boss, and Survival Marble Races.
  2. He was well-known by popular marble racers, such as Erikfassett, John Dubuc, and Doc671.
  3. His videos are entertaining to watch, especially marble races.
  4. His channel art is very neat.
  5. Magenta Day became a very popular holiday celebrated by his fans,
  6. His co-op with Erikfassett was very good.
  7. He inspired Doc671 to create Marble Siege, which is the same as Beat The Boss but the boss isn't a marble and the marbles attack the boss.
  8. As more people were inspired by him, his fanbase quickly grew, meaning he cares about his fanbase.

Why He Can Get Infected by the Magenta Curse

  1. Unfortunately, he private some of his videos.
  2. Due to him no longer uploading marble racing content, his new videos now struggle to gain over 10,000 views.
    • In fact, he was quickly surpassed by the toxic Jelle's Marble Runs and Marble Fubeca in terms of views!




10 months ago
Score 1
That's why marble races are once my all-time watching. Did I watch marble races back in..... 2010-2015?

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