Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ icon.jpg
"Come up to heaven, when you're late to rest! Heaven! This place is the best!"
Gender: Male
Type: Cosplay Channel
Date Joined: May 9, 2015
Status: Semi-Active
Subscriber Count: 1.18M

Lord Jesus Herbert Christ, also known as SoCalChrist, is an American channel run by a person who is well known for putting in the personality and appearances of Jesus Christ.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He did a really great job cosplaying as the real Jesus as his behavior cosplaying as him is accurate to the real Jesus.
  2. A lot of videos are important such as his video where he talks about cancer along with his video where he reads about the bible.
  3. His "Come up to heaven" song is very catchy and can encourage people about how fun heaven can be.
  4. Speaking of him cosplaying as Jesus, he did a nice voice acting to as it sounds like how a lot of people think Jesus would sound in real life.
  5. He was also shown to care for animals as seen right here.
  6. 2 of his live streams, "Jesus skates for your sins" and his Easter live streams are decent.
  7. His Pride Parade Showdown video is his best video so far thanks to the awesome music, nice parade and him supporting for his fans.


  • He is commonly known as J-daug from JackSucksAtLife's Fiverr videos. Jack himself even said that Jesus was just a random person when he first hired him on fiverr, but now they both have over 1Mill subs and Jack & him are now great friends.




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Is this guy a Christian or is he a non Christian impersonating Jesus?

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