John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech

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John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech
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Hey guys, we are in the basement.
Gender: Male
Type: Arcade reviewer and restorer
Date Joined: December 7, 2006
Status: Inactive
Subscriber Count: 44,909

John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech is a YouTube channel about arcades and pinball machines as he reviews them and does repairs.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He goes as far as traveling out of state just to get a certain game.
  2. He does tours of various arcades and events.
  3. He is full of arcade related trivia.
    • One of his year end review videos mentioned that the creator of Robotron 2048, Joust, and the Crusin series of games founded Raw Thrills.
  4. He does repairs on arcade machines.
    • He does replacement on side art, controls, and even replaced a suicide battery from a CPS2 game Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
  5. He even helped fund a good kickstarter for the Numbskull quarter sized arcades.
  6. He helps out some viewers via fan emails at the end of each video.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. He isn't too active only uploading videos about every 1-2 months and once having a hiatus but it's reasonable considering how long his content is and the effort put to them.


  1. He is part of the Video Game Outsiders.
  2. His channel exists just because his first arcade machine which he bought off ebay was broken.




8 months ago
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He's back. He said that he took a break and someone sent him a new popcorn machine.

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