Kasey Golden

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Kasey Golden
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"Usually Art, but sometimes Ants"
Gender: Female
Type: Artist, Animator,
Date Joined: November 12th, 2014
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 1,000,000+

Kasey Golden is a Canadian Youtuber who joined Youtube November 12th, 2014. She is best known for her Teeny Weeny Art Challenge. She currently has 822,000+ subscribers.

Why She's Amazing

  1. Her OCs Hatch, Denis and Owlina are adorable and well designed!
  2. Her art is very cute and well-drawn, especially when their in watercolor or any other medium.
  3. She is very inspirational.
  4. She is very kind to her viewers.
  5. She makes tips and tricks videos for beginner artists who are having trouble with things such as watercolor, or posting your art on social media.
  6. She not only uses watercolor, but she also used other mediums such as copic's or color pencil.
  7. She makes art with crazy mediums such as coffee, tea, color-changing nail polish, wine, and even her own blood(she made a disclaimer to her fans to not harm themselves to do the challenge though), which shows that she cares about her fans.
  8. She does a few prompts and challenges such as the Sketchbook Slam Challenge, 500 Prompts, Inktober, etc.
  9. She does Scrawlr Box unboxings and reviews things companies send her.
  10. She tackles relatable topics such as going through art block and how to get out of it, getting the motivation to post your art online, etc.
  11. Her art style is very recognizable and cute. As it strictly uses shapes.
  12. She did a collab with Lavendertowne and DrawingWiffWaffles.
  13. She goes to conventions to meet her fans, as she just went to one just recently.
  14. She can be intentionally funny as she drew with Water for April Fools 2019 video.
  15. She has a second channel called Sock Kasey which is just as good as her main channel
  16. She also makes felt art if you thought that drawing what the only thing she did.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some of her content can be inappropriate for her younger viewers such as gore, sexual content, and uncensored nudity because of her figure studies.
  2. Her PAINTING With My BLOOD (Not Clickbait) video can make some people very nauseous and queasy because of the blood and gore.
  3. Her videos may also contain swearing as well.
  4. Her art can look stiff at times, despite being well-drawn.


  • Her birthday is February 20th.
  • She did a face reveal on April Fools Day last year.
  • She has a sister named Allyson
  • She is married
    • Her husband's name is Dave.
  • She sold plush versions of her ants for a limited time in June, 2019.
    • She also sold Denis plushies, which are also available for a limited time


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