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Gender: Male
Type: Linguist
Date Joined: August 31, 2014
Status: active
Subscriber Count: 1,000,000

Langfocus is a Canadian YouTuber who creates videos focused on various languages and linguistics. As of June 1, 2020, he has a million subscribers.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His videos consist of an in-depth, factual analysis about languages, including their basic grammar and unique features, lesser-known languages, influences of a language on another, similarities between two or more languages, and many others.
  2. His format has been consistent for years.
  3. His presentation is easy to understand and sometimes humorous.
  4. His thumbnails are simple and far away from being clickbaity, but still appealing.
  5. He uses audio examples from actual native speakers who cooperate with him (usually his Patreon backers), making his videos more authentic.
  6. He is very supportive towards his viewers and subscribers.
    • He highly encourages informative discussions on the comment section. At the end of each video, he asks a question or two towards viewers regarding the topic covered on his video.
    • Following the global COVID-19 outbreak, he livestreamed on April 3 in which he gave an advice on staying healthy and productive while at home. The livestream can be watched here.
  7. Outside of YouTube, he runs a blog covering basic lessons of the languages that he is learning (Japanese, Tagalog, Arabic, and Hebrew) and some other linguistics-related topics exclusive to the blog.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. His videos can take a rather long time to upload, usually about a month or at least three weeks.
    • However, this is understandable, as he takes some time to research his topics, as well as to cooperate with native speakers of the languages (in case of foreign languages).


  1. His name is Paul Jorgensen. He is of Danish ancestry.
  2. He currently resides in Kansai, Japan.
  3. He also owns a now-defunct channel named GEOgraphy Focus.


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