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"Hey everyone! It's LavenderTowne"
Gender: Female
Type: Artist
Date Joined: March 10tyh, 2010
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 1,000,000+  

LavenderTowne is a YouTuber that joined on March 10th, 2010. As of mid-March, 2019, she currently has 1,000,000+ subscribers.

Why She's Amazing

  1. Her art style is adorable, it gives you Adventure Time vibes.
  2. She did a collab with Kasey Golden not that long ago.
  3. She does a series called Do This, Not That which is really helpful for young artists and beginners.
  4. Her voice is very relaxing and calming to listen to.
  5. She made a webcomic called Unfamiliar.
  6. She does art tutorials that are good for young artists struggling with drawing anatomy

Bad Qualities

  1. Her icon may be creepy for some.
  2. Her thumbnails can be considered clickbait.


  • Her real name is Haley Mewsome.




5 months ago
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She's one of my bigger inspirations with my art. She's one of my favorite youtubers ngl

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