Lee Hardcastle

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Lee Hardcastle
The claymation heart of darkness.
Gender: Male
Type: Animator, Stop Motion Animator
Date Joined: June 25, 2006
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 760,057

Lee Hardcastle is a British animator who does claymation with Play-Doh.

Why He And His Works Are Epic

  1. His animations are smooth and well done compared to some other claymation animators.
  2. He is very creative with his content.
  3. A lot of them are interesting and epic.
  4. Some of them including his Claycat's DOOM are somewhat humorous.
  5. He has lots of talent that he puts in his videos.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. His videos can be pretty gory and some to the point that not many can handle including the one where some guy's face falls apart.


  1. He has a website which he claims his work is mostly adults only.
  2. He did stuff for Adult Swim. It was for the show, Rick and Morty. The admin who made this article and his cousin thought it was for Robot Chicken.
  3. He also did a segment in Ashen's movie "Ashens and The Quest For The Game Child.

Video of Lee Hardcastle with their own page




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Oh my. CoryxKenshin already reacted to his videos on his Spooky Scary Sunday series!

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