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I review, modify, and collect toys new and old.

Leokimvideo is an Australian YouTuber who mainly makes videos based on toys. He also makes videos related to the Spider Problems he has in his home country of Australia.

Why He's Amazing

  1. Unlike many toy channels, this one is actually appropriate for children and family friendly.
    • Leo has said himself that he hates the generic toy review channel cliche most users follow.
  2. His most popular toy review series, Dark Side features Knockoff Toys and how dangerous they are to people. These videos are very informative and funny in some cases.
  3. He has a large Thomas the Tank Engine collection and has even made a series dedicated to that.
  4. His Mad Bomber Thomas parody inspired many other Thomas & Friends YouTubers, in fact, it was meant to be the first of a series but it was sadly cancelled.
  5. Good range of variety.
    • Another popular range of video he makes are about the various Spiders Australia has (mainly Redback Spiders) including the viral hit Big Spider Attacks Daddy.
    • His McDonald's 30 Day Challenge series is also interesting, even though he stopped producing the videos for that due to their unpopularity with his viewers.
    • He also does videos where he looks at Garbage Piles and what stuff could have easily been saved.
  6. He used to have another channel called Wrecking Reviews, which is basically a parody on the generic toy review channel cliche.
  7. Running material, which includes Leo using a Rubber Chicken to unbox toys (although, he fired the rubber chicken) and his destructive tools for knockoff toys, which includes the infamous "Mr Hammer!"
  8. His jokes are absolutely hilarious such as the "Four Little Planes Sitting In The Road" song and when he does Thomas Vs Thomas in his knockoff toy reviews

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. He does (rarely) use some mild swear words like "Damn" but since he is Australian they aren't classified as swears, he also uses "gay" sometimes, but likely referring to the word's former usage as an alternate for "Happy"
  2. He had a recent hiatus from YouTube after a demonetisation problem effected his channel. In fact, he got outraged when Google used his “Big Spider Attacks Daddy” Video as an ad yet the original video was double-demonetised by the bots, and it’s still happening today.
    • This is very likely because YouTube sees him as a generic ElsaGate channel, even though he isn’t.


  1. His channel is kinda like Ashens, but without the Profanity, of course.




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I remember watching some of his Thomas The Tank Engine videos when I was younger!


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We all did.


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