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Welcome back to the channel guys and today...
Gender: Male
Type: Game and Product Reviewer
Date Joined: December 30, 2010
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 106K

Madlittlepixel is a retro gaming YouTuber who does reviews on games, controllers, consoles, and even looks at some news.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His reviews are pretty good and honest.
  2. He reviews the latest retro products.
  3. He also reviewed the first Soulja Boy consoles and humorously destroyed them.
  4. He even tried to sell one of the portable Soulja Boy consoles to Game Stop.
  5. He is up to date with some retro gaming related news.
  6. He even does lets plays games to see if it's a pass or play.
  7. He also does modern games as well.
  8. He rarely swears except for his video on the Atgames Pac-man Blast which he warns viewers before the video starts.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. He can sometimes spoil the quality of the product he's reviewing in the video title. These include It Stinks for the Atgames Pac-man Blast, more like crap man for the Pac-man portable from my arcade, and The Pure Trash Emio Edge Super Joystick for the SNES classic arcade stick.


  1. He ended up going mainstream with the Atgames Pac-man Blast controversy and the Soulja Boy Consoles controversy.


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