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We are offering adminship to anyone on this wiki. Once you have about 30 edits/contributions, come to Pacsonic9000's talk page here

Also, there is an announcement about some rule that people wanted altered so you can read about it here.

Welcome to Amazing YouTubers Wiki!

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About This Wiki

YouTube is very big. As there are bad YouTubers, it also has or had good, great, and amazing YouTubers. There's also good YouTube videos and the best moments in YouTube history. Back then, we used to have a wiki on FANDOM, originally founded by Astral-New-X. But unfortunately, it was abandoned due to some admins were globally blocked during PKMNLivesNew incident. So, it was re-founded on Miraheze since 3 months later after Atrocious YouTubers Wiki of Mirahze was re-founded. There is a sister wiki called Atrocious YouTubers Wiki of Miraheze. You can find all the YouTubers on this wiki in the category of YouTubers here. You can also find all the articles on YouTube videos here.

Our old logo since FANDOM...

The following pages are banned from this wiki.

  1. SuperMarioLogan or anything related to him (Controversial reasons and because of flame and edit wars)
  2. C4dsburys (drama reasoning)
  3. TheOdd1sOut (already on Best TV Shows Wiki)
  4. Emplemon (Controversial reasons and Behind The Meme related)
  5. MLP Fever (same reason as TheOdd1sOut)
  6. AwfulFanDactyl (Bad YouTuber and Deviant)
  7. Mr Beast (2012-2016) (Atrocious) Modern now allowed due to redemption. If he's on here, it haves to be about him now a days.
  8. Projared (Controversial, and could cause potential flame wars because of recent events that surrounded him)
  9. Any YouTubers that are repetitive like But Without and With Healthbars
  10. Blue Hue (NSFW despite quality)
  11. Butch Hartman (Bad YouTuber and egotistical person in general)
  12. Fox Goodman (Controversial Reasons)
  13. Anyone on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, Crappy Games Wiki, or Terrible TV Shows Wiki
  14. GalaxyTrail (Mainly game developer and not YouTuber and moved to Awesome Games Wiki)
  15. Ryan's ToysReview (Looks spoiled)
  16. Blue Circle Does Roblox and Marble Race (being toxic to one user on this wiki and had a very poor points)
  17. BartekZioomPro (Same reason as Blue Circle Does Roblox and Marble Race)
  18. What's Inside (Not good enough to be on this wiki. Destroys stuff without knowledge of what activates it)
  19. SiIvaGunner (Controversial Reasoning and needs to be on a music wiki)
  20. Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Bad Trailer)
and more under the forbidden pages on the TBA pages.

We have some featured pages which are in the picture above. Here are the featured YouTubers not in any order:

Basic Rules

  1. Only put good YouTubers or videos if people gives positive feedback to it, even if there are more dislikes than likes.
  2. Do not take YouTubers from Best TV Shows Wiki of Miraheze and Awesome Games Wiki of Miraheze.
  3. Do not move pages from this wiki to another. It will lose their popularity for them. Anyone who does this will be blocked for a certain amount of time.
  4. Always add a photo or video of the YouTuber.
  5. Don't create pages about users and admins on this wiki.
  6. Please use proper grammar.
  7. Don't harass or attack other users. ESPECIALLY ADMINS! Your block can vary depending on the severity of the action(s).
  8. Do not add the fact that some YouTubers have Toxic Fanbases or Hatebases as Bad Qualities. Anyone who does this will be blocked for a certain amount of time without a warning. If you disrespect any of these rules whatsoever for 5 times, you will be blocked forever. Sockpuppet accounts will also be blocked whatsoever.
  9. Swearing is allowed.
  10. Vandalism is unacceptable that you'll be blocked immediately.
  11. Do not undo an admins edit anyone who will do that will be blocked. (See the section of how if you break rules)
  12. You are allowed to tell good YouTubers about them having an article on them on this wiki.
  13. Please check for TBA Pages for wishing to add YouTuber for later purpose.
  14. Do not insult, harass or bully any users on this site. Users violating this rule will be warned or else will be blocked on this wiki.
  15. If you don't know how to make templates, use the YouTubers Infobox. For using Type and Score section on the infobox, please read this blog.
  16. Have fun!

If you break any of these rules

1st Time- Warning

2nd Time- 1 week block

3rd Time- 1 month block

4th Time- 1 year block

5th Time- Kicked Out

Have any questions? Have any requests? Contact the following admins.

coming soon

Closed due to an upcoming raid.

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