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Miranda Sings
Hello I am a musician and animator. I love making msm styled content ranging from animations, and music videos.
Gender: Male
Type: Musician and Animator
Date Joined: December 8, 2012
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 19K

MantisBoi is a YouTuber that joined 2012, he started his Upbeat Monsters in 2018, and in Summer of 2019 He merged channels with Quinn/EtherealWublins, and have seperated in the Winter of 2019, and he is currently working on Aquathereals.

Why He's Amazing

  1. Great Animation for his monsters, even if they were redesigned.
  2. He is quite clever when it comes to making and naming monsters, like Beringabang for example. (Beringabang comes from Banging on the drums, and Orangutan)
  3. He has a unique system of elements. (Radiation, Shroom, Hypno, Space, Rubber)
  4. Monster designs that range to Cute, to Wild, to Good, to even Creative.
  5. The most popular monsters are Vocodexx, and Truccus.
    • Flonko is also another Fan Fav.
  6. Radiation Island got revamped, and it sounded better than ever.
  7. When He introduced Aquathereals, it introduced a lot to the islands.
  8. He is one of the known users of the My Singing Monsters community.

Bad Qualities

  1. His original Discord Server closed due to drama.
  2. Due to drama with Quinn, the Creepy Crawlies and Absolutes were cancelled during production on the monsters.
  3. Vocodexx is replaced by Fum.
    • This might be understandable, as Vocodexx’s original creator Sebass87 committed sexual harassment.



  1. His Islands have a system each. Upbeat Island has Shroom, Hypno, Space, and Rubber as an example.
  2. The reason Rubber Island is a rainforest is because Rubber comes from The Rubber Tree.
  3. Atlantic Aquarium is upcoming.
  4. Rubber Island is getting an upcoming Update.
  5. Shroom Island is upcoming, and will replace Upbeat Island,

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