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The Game Theorists(MatPat's main channel)
Game Theory Logo.jpg
Hello Internet, welcome to Game Theory!
Gender: Male
Type: Gamer, Theorist
Date Joined: August 22, 2009
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 11,724,861

"MatPat" is a YouTuber who does theories of video games mostly Nintendo, Five Nights At Freddy's, Call Of Duty, and Pokemon on his show Game Theory, theories on film, and theories and experiments on food. He has branched out into film theories and food theories as he wanted to do more than game theories.

Good Qualities

  1. His theories are for the most part pretty accurate.
  2. He also does some really great lets plays and live streams with some funny moments.
  3. He does good history videos on some video games such as the Super Smash Bros through Smash History.
  4. He also haves other great shows on his channel such as Deadlock, which is pretty much debate on various video game topics including "Should Nintendo stop making consoles?" and "Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis".
    • He got Reggie Fils-Aime, who is the then-president of Nintendo of America, to be on his show Deadlock.
  5. His livestreams are pretty good.
  6. He works to try to help make YouTube a better place, his contacts with people within YouTube also helps.
  7. He helped "Did You Know Gaming" spawn "Did You Know Films" and give it an audience just as good as "Did You Know Gaming"'s audience.
  8. He also does good food experiments like when he made cakes using various frozen treats from different fast food restaurants and debunked tiktokers saying that they're tasty.

Bad Qualities

  1. He had some bad theory videos such as the infamous "Why Mario is Mental?" theory and "Sans is Ness" which was intended as a joke which he apologized for, but some people have taken it too far.
  2. His thumbnails are kinda clickbait-esque and disturbing though they have improved over time.
  3. His older videos contain a ton of filler before he even gets to his point which can be a waste of time for some people.
  4. His video "For Honor: Who would win Samurai, Viking or Knight" has a lot of historical inaccuracies, which were debunked by many historian YouTubers like Skallagrim, Metatron and Shadiversity.


  1. His actual name is Matthew Robert Patrick.
  2. He was a reactor on the React channel.
  3. He has a wife named Stephanie Patrick.
  4. He voiced Computron in Transformers: Titans Return.
  5. He has a son named Oliver Patrick.
  6. He did some Did You Know Gaming? videos.
  7. His internal channel name says MatthewPatrick13 instead of "TheGameTheorists". It's possible that he was just a gamer before making Game Theory.


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