Mayday51: Nostalgia for Everyone!

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Mayday51: Nostalgia for Everyone!
Gender: Male
Type: Archivist

Nostalgia channel

Date Joined: March 26, 2014
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 12.3K

Mayday51: Nostalgia for Everyone! (or Mayday51 for short) is a British YouTuber who has a channel dedicated to archiving and old obscure children's TV shows.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His TV Burp inspired series Mayday51's TV Burp is fun and entertaining to watch.
  2. He uploads episodes of old and forgotten kids TV shows made in the UK.
  3. His Internet Archive account known as The Nostalgia Museum is a treasure trove full of nostalgic shows.
  4. Brian the Bunny Rabbit is a great mascot.
  5. The shows that he uploads on his channel have never been found on the internet.
  6. He found material for a lost British TV show called Billy.
  7. His show Brian and Brianna's Bright Lunch is a fun and entertaining show on his channel.
  8. He is one of the most popular archivists in the archive community.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some of his animations can be a bit choppy.
  2. A lot of his characters talk in a TTS voice.


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