Me at the zoo

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Me at the zoo
"Alright so here we are on the uh... elephants, cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really long... um, trunks"
Run Time: 00:19
Type: The first YouTube video ever made
Uploaded: April 23, 2005
Status: Public
View Counts: 128,936,767

"Me at the zoo" is the first video that was uploaded to YouTube. It was uploaded on April 23, 2005 at 20:31:52 PDT by the site's co-founder Jawed Karim, with the username "jawed" and recorded by his high school friend Yakov Lapitsky. He created a YouTube account on the same day.

Why It's Amazing[edit | edit source]

  1. It was the first video to ever be created on the YouTube website.
  2. It also gave awareness of YouTube and the fact that you can share videos with the world.
  3. It inspired other people to make their own videos.
  4. The video once annouced a remake coming once the channel reaches a 10M subscribers.
  5. The comment section brought the "Sub to Sub" meme to become popular to the point where there's millions of those comments on that video.
  6. It could be interesting to some users who likes vlogging videos or the zoo.
  7. We even get to learn a few things about the elephants in this video even though there's not really that much.
  8. It was the only video made by Jawed that he didn't private.

The Only Bad Quality[edit | edit source]

  1. The quality of the video isn't really great even though that's because it was recorded in 2005.

Comments[edit | edit source]



4 months ago
Score 1++
The origin of every YouTube video that has ever existed.
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