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Hey guys, Metal Jesus here.
Gender: Male
Type: Reviewer, Gamer
Date Joined: Apr 15, 2006
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 672,940

Metal Jesus (YouTube name MetalJesusRocks) is a YouTuber that does reviews on retro and some modern games as well as challenges on those games.

Why He Truely Rocks

  1. His reviews are pretty good and well put with details on what he likes and doesn't like about something.
  2. He features some good YouTubers as guests such as John Hancock, JohnRiggs, and Radical Reggie in fact, there's a category on YouTubers that were guests on this channel.
  3. He also goes to various places like the homes of his guests, conventions, and museums.
  4. He has some nice challenges such as the $5 bad game challenge, $5 good game challenge, and the beerio kart challenge (We don't recommend this one).
  5. He can also be informative on some of the things he reviews such as when he did his video on the Nintendo64DD.
  6. He found actual prototypes such as the American Nintendo 64DD and a Halo edition XBox.
  7. He made the living room in his new house an awesome game room that looks nice.

Bad Qualities

  1. His name may think that he is trying to offend Christians since Jesus is someone in the bible.
  2. He has some stuff that isn't exactly family friendly although most of his stuff is.


  1. He got his name Metal Jesus from a fellow coworker while working at a corporate job and his long hair.
  2. He used to work at Sierra On line in the 90's.

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