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Modern Vintage Gamer
Modern Vintage Gamer.jpg
I love Modern, I love Retro. Tech, Hardware, Gaming.
Gender: Male
Type: Console Hacking Historian and Hacker
Date Joined: December 27, 2007
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 387k

Modern Vintage Gamer is a YouTuber that does videos on consoles and hacking them.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His videos are very well descriptive.
  2. He actually wrote all the emulators for the original Xbox.
  3. He goes in depth on how consoles got hacked and how companies tried to make their consoles unhackable.
  4. He revisits odd consoles such as the Wii Mini and the Playstation TV sees if it's any good and how it could and couldn't be hacked.
  5. He sees what happens with online services shutting down or when online services are shutting down such as Xbox live and the Wii Shopping Channel.
  6. He shows some good games including some homebrews.
  7. He also checks out some refurbished consoles from Game Stop.
  8. He does have some hacking tutorials.
  9. He checks out how some consoles did their copy protection and how people got around it.
  10. His content is family friendly.
  11. He also looks at computers as well.
  12. He helped finish a 15 year old Xbox game called Freefall 3060 AD.


  1. He was on a video with The 8-Bit Guy.


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