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Another Great Mario Forever YouTuber next to TheMarioVariable!
Gender: Male
Type: Game Maker
Date Joined: May 16, 2013
Status: Semi-Active
Subscriber Count: 950

MrPrzemistrz is a Polish YouTuber who joined on May 16, 2013. He is known for making a Mario Forever fangame called "Mario Forever Roman Worlds".

Why He's Amazing

  1. He is another Amazing Mario Forever YouTuber next to TheMarioVariable.
  2. He has been improving Mario Forever Roman Worlds for 3 Years (2015-2018).
  3. He made some Good Worlds For Mario Forever Contests, like Green Mountain for Crist1919's Submit A Level Project: Round 2 and Icy Lake for TheMarioVariable's Mario Worker: The Contest VI, making him get 1st Place in these 2 Contests.
  4. He made us play World XVII-II in Mario Worker Remake 2.5, which is a awesome idea to play a level based off his fangame right before that version where whole World XVII is.
  5. His fangame is challenging, but fun.
  6. He made a tutorial where it shows how to make a MF Styled World Map, which is very helpful.
    • Note that this was a map for his World VIII.
  7. He puts effort into his videos and his game.

Bad Qualities

  1. His Mario Forever Fangame is hard for newbies. For example, Battle Tower has Luigi to unlock, but Bowser gets really difficult fast.
  2. His Lava Tower (in Mario Forever Roman Worlds) is a Parody of Icy Tower, but it's fine to make a Lava Edition of Icy Tower with Mario or Luigi.


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