Nathaniel Bandy

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Nathaniel Bandy
"It's Not Melee!"
Gender: Male
Type: Gamer
Date Joined: April 26, 2007
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 1.13M

Nathaniel Bandy is a gaming YouTuber who makes videos based on Nintendo games, consoles, fan games, reviews, Top 10s, etc.. He currently has 1M subscribers

How Nathaniel Bandy is MIND BLOWING!

  1. His videos are well-edited and are very funny including segments where Monster Energy Drinks turn them into mostly Nintendo characters in a field..
  2. His "Triggered!!" series is well done, as he points out some flaws and personal peeves about video games and consoles, even making one about him, titled "How Nathaniel Bandy TRIGGERS You!"
  3. He has collaborated with many other awesome Nintendo YouTubers, such as SMG4, Stryder7x, Nicobbq, Haedox, Nintendrew and more.
    • Speaking of SMG4, he guest starred on SMG4's recently new video, "War of the Simps".
  4. His reviews are well done with full reasoning.
  5. He has some great original characters like Bathaniel Nandy and the evil LEGO Mario.
  6. His Mini Super Mario 64 ROM Hacks series is well made as well as some other ROM Hacks series.
  7. He also makes funny videos on Shrek games.
  8. Many hilarious jokes in his videos.
  9. Aside from reviewing video games, he also went as far to rank EVERY EPISODE, SEASON, MOVIE, AND SPIN-OFF OF SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.

How Nathaniel Bandy TRIGGERS YOU!

  1. While his videos are high-quality today, many of his older Top 10's were not that great and even he admits it:
    1. His very first Top 10, "Top 15 Hardest Super Mario 64 Stars" is horrendous. He recorded his TV screen with a phone because he didn't have a capture card, he exaggerated the times he got the stars, ranging from 2-4 hours and didn't intend for them to use comedic effect, and included many stars that would seem very out of place for a hard list anyways, such as Blast Away The Wall, Watch For Falling Rocks, Princess Peach's Slide (21 second one) and Eye to Eye in the Secret Room. Years later, NB himself admitted that it sucked.
    2. One of his Top 10s from 2013, his "Top 5 Best and Worst Mario Kart Items" video is just straight up garbage. The main problem with that video is his choices and why he chose those items, as well as the fact that he forgot to put the Fake Item Box, Coin, and Thunder Cloud (the worst items in the series) on the worst side of his list.
    3. His 2016 Top 10s are also pretty bad. He overused memes as he also added filler, squeaky talking and (in the intros) cringeworthy games grabber ads. He also admitted they suck years later.
  2. He sometimes lacks research in his videos:
    1. In his "How Super Mario 3D All Stars TRIGGERS You!" video, he claims that you still need to beat Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (All-Stars version) multiple times to unlock World 9 and Worlds A-D which actually isn't the case, you can unlock all of these worlds by simply beating The Lost Levels simply once without using warp zones (though this only applies to the version in Super Mario All-Stars).
    2. In his "How SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated TRIGGERS You!" video, he thinks that the pirate in the SpongeBob SquarePants opening is Patchy the Pirate, even though he isn't actually Patchy and is actually a character called Painty the Pirate.
  3. Depending in your view, his "How (blank) TRIGGERS You!" might be seen as offensive or opinion-bashing.
    1. He however does show a warning saying that it is over exaggerated and most of the opinions are not his actual thoughts and feelings.


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