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Art and games, but
Gender: Male
Type: Gamer, Vlogger
Date Joined: Nov 4, 2013
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 225,822

NihongoGamer is a gaming YouTube channel that does videos on art and games. He also mentions some coffee.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He makes great videos on various arcade sticks.
  2. He also does videos on drawing some good art which some of them are on art for his Mad Catz TE 2+ Fight Stick which mainly consists of his waifus which are pretty good.
  3. He does give out some good points on why he does things such as why he manually grounds and makes his coffee.
  4. He also informs his viewers on good arcade stick parts and some of the brands.
  5. Him throwing the packaging of the product he's going to review behind him is pretty funny.
  6. He can use some nice sound effects which adds parts to the humor to his videos which includes the reason above.
  7. He even does some slow motions for small and unnecessary part but making them good and turning them into necessary stuff such as when he accidentally hit the box around his chin and cheek and when he said "All Over The Bottom".
  8. His product reviews are also great.
  9. He can do nice tutorials on getting into something as these videos are called beginner to pro which these includes getting into King of Fighters.
  10. He also does some nice stuff too like exploring Japan and seeing what there is out there which he found a run down arcade and when he found a funny mural of 2 kid boys in love with a girl on the beach anime style.
  11. Speaking of his arcade sticks, he has a nice arcade stick collection.
  12. His talks and his coffee making makes you feel relaxed like watching ASMR or a video from TheRelaxingEnd.
  13. He made an amazing rendition of the Disney Frozen song Let It Go on an actual Nintendo Game Boy.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can sometimes use clickbait titles but usually not the misleading ones and sometimes unintentional.
  2. Although he can handle criticism, he isn't the best at handling strong criticism even though he made a video explaning some criticism he recieved and if he should quit.

NihongoGamer's Arcade Stick Collection

Not in any order:

  1. Hori Fightstick Mini
  2. Hori Real Arcade Pro Hayabusa Touhou Project
  3. Hori Real Arcade Pro Hayabusa Switch
  4. Quanba Drone Blaze Blue Edition
  5. Razer Panthera
  6. Razer Panthera EVO
  7. MixBox Arcade "Stick" (Uses Arrow Keys instead of a Joystick)
  8. Madcatz TE2
  9. Victrix Pro FS


  1. He made 3 waifu artwork for his Madcatz TE stick. These includes the following:
    1. Female Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Fighterz)
    2. Sakura Kusangi (Street Fighter V)
    3. Sakura Kusangi with Hatsune Miku head
    4. Ibuki Mioda (Street Fighter V) (His current waifu)
  2. The game that got him into arcade sticks is King of Fighters 14.
  3. His first arcade stick is the hori fightstick mini.



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He should keep doing more videos. I actually enjoy his content.


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I told NihongoGamer about this page on Discord. He liked it. Proof:


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