Oddity Archive

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Oddity Archive
Oddity Archive.jpg
Diving into the great audiovisual landfill...
Gender: Male
Type: Tech Historian
Date Joined: June 26, 2012
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 32.9k

Oddity Archive is a YouTuber that has a web series with the same name that is about old stuff that was pretty odd as well as nostalgic stuff.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He checks out old technology and other weird and interesting stuff of the past.
  2. He talks about how they work and why they didn't have in impact.
  3. He also looks at some neat video stuff and games too.
  4. His content is mostly family friendly.
  5. His content makes people nostalgic.
  6. He even goes in some details on what he is talking about.
  7. He also has a nice website.
  8. He even looked at some creepy and scary stuff such as scary logos and weather warnings.


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