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Howdy! This is PhantomStrider.
Gender: Male
Type: Cartoon reviewer and top 10s creator
Date Joined: November 13, 2007
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 628K

Josh Strider, known online as PhantomStrider is an Australian-Canadian YouTuber who's known for specializing in animation, video games, film and cinema, television (and some web series), food and drinks, and toys.

Why He Strides In

  1. He's a very friendly YouTuber who respects opinions and never lashes at people for having different opinions.
  2. He comes up with some very creative lines in his dialogue that makes him come off as original.
  3. He's a very good role model who gives some great life lessons that also involves debunking misleading morals, such as when he talks about abusive relationships in "Top 6 Worst Gumball Episodes".[1]
  4. His reasons for disliking some popular cartoons are very understandable. Particularly shows like Ed, Edd n Eddy because he finds it incredibly mean-spirited and finds some of the characters one-dimensional or just plain unlikable.
  5. The stuff that he usually hates is something that most people can identify with like Miley Cyrus, modern Family Guy, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", and Fred: The Show.
  6. He gets along very well with fellow internet celebrities, such as James Rolfe and Doug Walker.
  7. He chooses to stay relevant. For example, while most people tend to have a massive hatred for Dora the Explorer, PhantomStrider chooses to ignore it and instead focus on Peppa Pig, as that is the relevant preschool show to the current day, and Dora the Explorer has been irrelevant since 2016.
    • He has done the video "Top 6 Abysmal Dora the Explorer Episodes", however, this is only one example.

Bad Qualities

  1. While he doesn't have an extreme hatred for the stuff he dislikes, sometimes he adds them to his lists a little too much, especially the infamous "Ren Seeks Help".
  2. He has made some inaccurate points and errors in some of his videos:
    1. In "Top 10 Simpsons Episodes", he discusses the plot of "The Frying Game" as the episode where Homer is taking multiple jobs, when that episode is actually "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge".
    2. In "Top 5 Worst & Best Video Game Cartoons," he calls the Rabbids "Minions rip offs" which is actually incorrect because the Rabbids existed before Minions were (Rabbids were first introduced as enemies in Rayman Raving Rabbids in 2006, while Minions were introduced in Despicable Me in 2010).
    3. In "Top 10 Worst Cartoon Remakes" he calls the animation team behind The Garfield Show "Korean sweatshop animators" which is actually false because the show was made in France, not Korea (though, it is likely that he might of said it sarcastically).
    4. In his "Top 10 Worst Cartoon Remakes," he says that there are over 90 Scooby-Doo remakes, and while it is true that there are lots of Scooby-Doo shows, there aren't over 90 of them.
  3. He often contradicts himself multiple times throughout many videos:
    1. During the segment where he talks about Teen Titans Go! in "Top 10 Worst Cartoon Remakes" he mentions the crossover they did with The Powerpuff Girls 2016 reboot and treated it like it what a bad episode, but later in his honorable mentions, he mentioned that he actually liked the episode and even recommended the episode.
    2. In "Top 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes of All Time," he states that he thought that the Family Guy episode "The Simpsons Guy" (a crossover with The Simpsons) is a good episode,[2] but in "Top 6 Worst Cartoon Crossovers", he put the episode in the list.[3]
  4. He stated that The Big Bang Theory was a bad show because he thinks that Sheldon is an overreacted example of someone with Asperger syndrome, even though this does not really make the entire show bad.[4] He also stated the same thing with Atypical despite that the show not even necessarily being about someone with Asperger syndrome as the people in the show just refer to him as "autistic."[5]


  • He was a guest on BlameItOnGeorge's "8 Worst DreamWorks Rip-Offs".



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