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Welcome People, that's Radel.
Gender: Male
Type: Game Developer, Video Game Collector
Date Joined: September 27, 2008
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 892

Radel1996 (Also known as Radosław Malinowski or HTFMegaman) is a Polish youtuber who joined on September 27, 2008 is a game developer and collector of video game consoles and games. He is known primarily for making games (mainly in Clickteam Fusion 2.5).

Why He's Amazing

  1. His newer games are cool and refined (Although he works alone most of the time).
  2. He is open to criticism.
  3. His most famous series of games is "Happy Tree Friends Adventures" where it drastically reduces the amount of blood than in the original series.
  4. He is always helpful in problems when creating games.
  5. There are also interesting fandubbing on the channel, mainly from Freedom Planet.
  6. Despite the small audience makes quite interesting livestreams (although they are just a gameplay).
  7. Also in good measure, he draws characters from Happy Tree Friends (Where you can see on his Deviantart website under the nickname "HTFMegaman").
  8. Is ready to cooperate with other YouTubers (as for example with Sonic1994pl).

Bad Qualities

  1. His older games are mostly bugged.
  2. Most of his games use graphics and music from other games, mainly from NES.
  3. Sometimes it can explode with rage when it offends.
  4. His games are mostly broken English.
  5. His vlogs may be partly primitive, mainly for the lack of assembly.
  6. Although he's open to criticism, he didn't liked ThePCGamer (also known as PolandCircle510) adding His Mario Forever engine into Crappy Games Wiki, when it was only added here for criticism.


  1. He has Asperger Syndrome.
  2. He has a miniature Schnauzer dog named Ivan.
  3. Although he is a little-known YouTuber, he has a small audience who will make videos of his games.


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