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Happy Gaming
Gender: Female
Type: Gamer, Vlog
Date Joined: Aug 18, 2009
Status: Abandoned
Subscriber Count: +76,510

RinryGameGame was a Canadian female YouTube gamer and vlogger. She kept the internet updated on outdated games. She was a part of Blistered Thumbs.

Why She's Amazing

  1. Her channel for the most part is pretty family-friendly which she was one of the few golden age YouTubers to be like this.
  2. Her channel came out at a time where AVGN knock offs were coming out making her channel a breath of fresh air from the AVGN knock offs.
  3. She has a nice and cute voice.
  4. Her reviews are pretty good and unbiased.
  5. She made videos that answered questions such as wow to make NES games work, how tough are NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games?
  6. She looked at some mysteries such as the secret NES expansion port on the bottom on most systems and what it could have been used for.
  7. Her topics are pretty good such as he videos on unlicensed NES games, censorship in the 8 and 16-bit era, and translation errors in games as well as board games inspired by video games.
  8. She had some good product reviews such as her reviews on Sega Dreamcast peripherals and the Retro Duo.
  9. She even compares ports on NES against Sega Master System which included Double Dragon, Shinobi, and Adventure Island (NES) VS Wonder Boy (Sega Master System).
  10. She never caught on trends and always did what she felt like doing which made her content fresh.

Bad Qualities

  1. She left YouTube and abandoned all her social media accounts without any explanation.
  2. Very few of her videos contain some swearing or mild swearing but it's only once and it's not major.
    • She said "Awe, shitty drill" in the outtakes of her video seeing how tough SNES and Genesis games.


  1. Her username was going to be Rinry but it was already taken.
  2. It is possible that she is currently taking care of her children. They were seen in her videos as babies.
  3. She even got a shout out from Happy Console Gamer when she was active.
  4. After she left, The Gamer From Mars and WatchMojo.com gave her a shout out on their YouTubers that left videos.

Her Videos

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Videos On Her

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