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SMG4 icon.jpg
Gender: Male
Type: Super Mario Animator
Date Joined: February 13, 2009
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 3,210,000+

Luke Lerdwichagul (born May 24, 1999), also known as SMG4, is an Australian Super Mario 64/Garry's Mod/SFM YouTuber who makes animations. He has over 3 Millions of Subscribers, being one of the most popular animators on YouTube. He's the founder and the CEO of Glitch Productions.

Why He's Amazing

  1. The animation can be so weird and awkward, it's funny.
  2. He mocks off on today's trends:
    • In his "Mario Battle Royale" video, Master Hand says it was just made to "follow trends" like Fortnite.
    • In the video "The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe", he made fun of the infamous Hit or Miss memes from TikTok.
    • In his recent 2020 video, "Mario is Cancelled", he satirizes cancel culture and Twitter in a very unpredictable manner. Mario is cancelled and everyone views him the wrong way.
  3. Likable original characters, like Bob, Meggy, Desti, Saiko, Shroomy, Fishy Boopkins and Axol. Even some bad characters get good character development.
  4. His videos have subtitles and if you turn them on, there are funny jokes mocking subtitles.
  5. Lots of funny SFX used in his videos.
  6. The Retarded64 series was hilariously funny as it was meant to be stupid for all the correct reasons.
  7. He's always called one of the best SM64 animators on YouTube, his bloopers were funny and his animation skills were also top-notch.
  8. Mama Fu**er!
  9. His gaming and memes-reviewing channel, Hobo Bros.
  10. Instead of Mario being the standard happy-go-lucky hero, SMG4 instead makes him a comic relief character.
  11. Great voice acting in his crossover with merging live-action and SM64 together.
  12. War of the Fat Italians may have been the Food Battle of SMG4, but after a while, they put a different twist to the formula and let the audience decide what challenges the pair are up against.
  13. The Waluigi Arc was fantastic for a number of reasons.
    1. It's the first time that SMG4 portraits Waluigi as an actual villain, and not as a comic relief character. Mainly because of the fact Waluigi is going to remain an Assist Trophy character instead of an actual playable character like his brother Wario.
    2. During this arc, Mario cared about Luigi. The same can be applied for Wario caring about Waluigi, as he was his own partner for his own scams.
    3. The introduction of Tari, a female cyborg, and an original character who portrayed as the likable coward everyone can relate to.
    4. The T-Pose Zombies concept, a mix between a zombie and the T-Pose combined to a really funny joke that is a very well handled plot device.
    5. "The War of the Fat Italians 2018" is the end of the arc. It's also the first time that Mario and SMG4 didn't actually want to fight each other.
  14. Because of how much everyone praised the Waluigi arc, there were more arcs that were also as good.
    • Mushroom Wars.
    • The Rapper Bob Arc.
    • The Anime Arc.
    • The Anime Crisis Coda Arc.
    • The YouTube Arc.
  15. Made many awesome spin-offs like Sonic the DERPhog, Guards 'n Retards, Ssenmodnar & a whole lot more.
  16. His original song, Darkest Hour was top notch.
  17. Luke and Kevin (both brother and writer) also balanced out a lot of comedy and drama in their recent videos. Even to this day, they always captured the effort they put into their work.
  18. Depending on your views, the Meta RunnerBTVSW series was a great spin-off given for Tari.
  19. While he's mainly a comedic YouTuber, he can still have a good sense of drama scenes, especially in the Anime Arc.

Bad Qualities

  1. Not all of his videos are good, a few examples of his bad videos include "The Idea Block", "Mario Joins the Circus" and "Boys vs Girls".
  2. Although a minor issue, he could at least credit some music used in some of his videos like he did before.
  3. While this is not a bad thing, but often times the new characters have been in the spotlight more than the older ones, some of the new characters themselves have no relationship to Mario, The Anime Arc ran for a bit longer than it needed to.
  4. Some of his videos are pretty cringey and really stupid (even though that's the point of his channel and some of the cringey stuff tends to make fun of bad attempts at humor).




7 months ago
Score 0
I feel like he's kinda bad now, but I still can get a laugh out of his videos.

Mickey Mouse

7 months ago
Score 4
I'm a huge Mario and I'm not even offended by Mario's portrayals in the videos, they instead have a great charm to them :)


7 months ago
Score 0
He used sounds from DasBoSchitt's The GMod Idiot Box series and ICTON's Idiots of Garry's Mod duology.


3 months ago
Score 0
And don't forget SebastianLopez's "SMB Bloopers" series.

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