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Ah, yes like two peas in a pod, Dr Strange and Lightning McQueen, They go together.
Gender: Male
Type: Comedic reviewer
Date Joined: January 27, 2011
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 781,360

SpaceHamster is a YouTuber that does reviews on various video games and is known for his bootlegs, hacks, and fan game showcase.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His content is humorous with many jokes and skits.
  2. He does good reviews including reviews of Bootlegs and Mods.
  3. He brings out some reference in a funny way.
    • In his Super Smash Bros. fan games, he asked humorously if he was playing Mortal Kombat while he was SpongeBob beating up Mario in Super Smash Battle.
  4. He also showcases some weird and funny mods and bootlegs as well.
  5. Many other cameos from other YouTubers.
  6. Toad is humorous in his own way.
  7. Just like JonTron, he has some funny and memorable quotes.
    • Oh no, it's me.exe!
    • Give me all your coins , you b****!
  8. He can be a opposite version of ConnerTheWaffle, where he can spot the difference of a bootleg and a mod, or a fangame and a hack.
  9. He can be a healthy Sega and Nintendo fanboy just like Game Sack.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can make terrible jokes sometimes.
  2. He can sometimes act like an immature 20-year old.


  1. He is friends with PBG (PeanutButterGamer) and even has a series called PB&Jeff which they play games together.
  2. He has another channel called Hammy.
  3. He did some Did You Know Gaming? videos.


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