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Why are the Qualitipedia wikis deleted already?
I checked the wikis and all of them have been deleted early. What's going on? On the topic of that, how are many users (including me once I create a new account) going to import pages on the New Qualitipedia Wiki? On the bright side, I am at least no longer blocked from any of those sites (since. . . more
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If you guys want to make pages on other media.
Do it on this revival of Qualitipedia: But be sure to be civil with your edits, since we don't want it to end up being like Miraheze's wikis.. . . more
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Can I please be unblocked from Meta Miraheze?
Because of the fact that Qualitipedia is closed, thus I would love to get unblocked. Note that if I get unblocked, I would really love to get unblocked from the Stewards noticeboard page because I think it's time to do so. In addition, it's been like this for five months now at this point.. . . more
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Have I improved my edits here?
NOTE: This blog was originally on the Awesome Games Wiki but as that wiki is closed alongside all of the other Qualitipedia wikis, I have posted it here. As users from the Incredible Characters Wiki and Loathsome Characters Wiki (maybe other wikis too) say I have improved my edits (most notably. . . more
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More predictions for The Super Mario Bros. Movie..
The plot of the movie will have a plumber named Mario getting sucked down a bathroom plug in a green pipe in a underground labyrinth to a kingdom named Mushroom Kingdom to stop a Koopa named Bowser while Luigi gets sucked in a different area to a scary area, where he meets Bowser in Bowser's Castle. . . more
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Benjamin's Nostalgic Corner
. . . more
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Some Page Ideas
Welcome to my PAGE IDEAS!!!! Any Animation Memer thats REALLY popular Like Kittydog or Wolfychu. I find them awesome animation memers and maybe deserve more attention to this wiki. RYANcomedy Really funny skits. Some gross-out humor, but still very funny. Angry Grandpa If he has a death page on. . . more
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Susan wojickci possesed me
NOTE THIS ARTICAL IS A SH*TPOST SO DO NOT DELETE IT SAYING ITS A TROLL PAGE What happened One day singlestuforeo was singing along to kendrick lamar and went home he saw that his youtube chanel. . . more
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Fera Animations
Fera Animations Gender: Male Type: FNF & Among Us Animator Date Joined: December 15, 2020 Status: Active Subscriber Count: 1.65M Fera Animations is a YouTuber who makes Friday Night Funkin' & Among Us animations. He joined in late-2020. Why He. . . more
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Elias D 2016-2019
Elias D is a vyonder. . . more
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I have a question
where is the sisters wiki of amazingyoutubers wiki that focuses on bad youtuber youtubers that used to be good but now went downhill and bad and on youtubers that used to be bad are now amazing tell me please where the sister wiki is?. . . more
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Wolfychu and Chipflake
The two Youtube channels Wolfychu and Chipflake are not even on the wiki. Can someone make it on the sandbox, please?. . . more
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I just want to say hi to anybody who’s new to this site. . . more
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Just a very stupid question of mine
What is y’all favorite youtubers?. . . more
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Hi so can I please autoconfirmed?. . . more
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Add a few Videos of the users content on their Respected pages
For Example whilst reading a Page On IHE there should be a few videos of his content to show what his content is like (Same goes for all of the other pages. Sorry if this is Poorly Written it’s 12:00 am for me right now.. . . more
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Important announcement
As of July 18, 2021, pages about videos are no longer allowed. If you would like to make a page about a good YouTube video, write it on Best YouTube Videos Wiki instead.. . . more
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What just happened to Marvelous Vyonders Wiki?
What the heck happened to Marvelous Vyonders Wiki? Did it got closed down?. . . more
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Chipflake and Wolfychu
So, I noticing that the two youtubers Chipflake and Wolfychu are not even on the wiki. No one made with the sandbox and added this to the wiki.. . . more
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Should we change the fonts to make it look like the other wikis?
Since the font looks awful, I feel like the fonts needs to be changed, does anyone agree with me?. . . more
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In terms of the pointers.....
"Why It Rocks" is banned here. I wish that this will be unbanned because that every positive adjective (e.g. amazing, incredible, fresh, perfect...) doesn't mean the same quality of something, thus, that's the reason why it became overused. The same is with the negative wikis, as every negative. . . more
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A suggestion
Dhar Mann pretty sure you know him so I won't explain. . . more
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Why I can't edit pages?
Hello everyone, this is SPEEDYBEAVER, the same user who also improves pages on various wikis. But for some reason, I can't edit pages on LCW, GCW, DM&SW and AYTW (This wiki) If you confirm me, I promise doing the following actions: Adding sources to pages (If they exist) Improving pointers And. . . more
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Jjaltoon Studio (Update 15.04.2021)
Jjaltoon 'You zun-ov-a-beech!!!'Tangtang (땅땅이), one of the main protagonists of Jjaltoon's Animal Friends Gender: Male Type: AnimatorComic ArtistVoice Actor Date Joined: August 2, 2018 Status: Active Subscriber Count: +1.47M Jjaltoon (짤툰), or. . . more
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Jjaltoon (Update 15.04.2021)
Jjaltoon 'You zun-ov-a-beech!!!'Tangtang (땅땅이), one of the main protagonists of Jjaltoon's Animal Friends Gender: Male Type: AnimatorComic ArtistVoice Actor Date Joined: August 2, 2018 Status: Active Subscriber Count: +1.47M Jjaltoon (짤툰), or. . . more
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