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Why are the Qualitipedia wikis deleted already?
(created 13 days ago)
I checked the wikis and all of them have been deleted early. What's going on? On the topic of that, how are many users (including me once I create a new account) going to import pages on the New Qualitipedia Wiki? On the bright side, I am at least no longer blocked from any of those sites (since. . . more
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Have I improved my edits here?
(created 74 days ago)
NOTE: This blog was originally on the Awesome Games Wiki but as that wiki is closed alongside all of the other Qualitipedia wikis, I have posted it here. As users from the Incredible Characters Wiki and Loathsome Characters Wiki (maybe other wikis too) say I have improved my edits (most notably. . . more
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More predictions for The Super Mario Bros. Movie..
(created 83 days ago)
The plot of the movie will have a plumber named Mario getting sucked down a bathroom plug in a green pipe in a underground labyrinth to a kingdom named Mushroom Kingdom to stop a Koopa named Bowser while Luigi gets sucked in a different area to a scary area, where he meets Bowser in Bowser's Castle. . . more
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