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Where it's hip to be square!
Gender: Male
Type: SpongeBob YouTuber
Date Joined: July 17, 2018
Status: Semi-Active
Subscriber Count: 421K

SpongeDubs (born: January 23, 2001 [age 20]), is a YouTuber who does "SpongeBob sings" covers of various songs (mostly ones that are popular), much like another YouTuber by the name of Maestro Ziikos, who does a similar type of content.

Why He's Amazing

  1. His "SpongeBob sings" are creative as they actually have SpongeBob singing the song and not having the original song being played in the video while SpongeBob does random stuff.
  2. After Juice WRLD's death, he made a video called SpongeBob sings "Lucid Dreams" by Juice WRLD (acoustic version), which is like the original SpongeBob sings Lucid Dreams video but more sad.
  3. His "you gave me the ugly' meme takes a nice take on to a few YouTube Poops on the YouTube website.
  4. He promised to his fans he'll reveal his face on his Q&A video for Christmas of 2018 and he kept his promise.
  5. He even managed to be one of the workers of the fifteen.ai website, where he announced the SpongeBob text to speech voice for people to use if they want to make either a parody or just for fun.
  6. Outside of his original channel, he's a funny YouTube Pooper on his second channel "SpongeDouble".
  7. His video called "i'm sure you are" has a nice remix of the song "Better Now" by Post Malone around the ending of the video.
  8. He even did a decent remake of "Don't Be A Jerk (It's Christmas)" which is the original song only it was sang by Patrick instead of SpongeBob


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